Cheap Eco Crafts for Kids on Summer Break

Summer is upon us, and for some of you with school-aged children, it might be upon you already.  Ack! An economy in shambles, kids claiming boredom, hanging around the house with nothing to do.  What’s a parent to do? Luckily, there’s a way to put your environmental-savvy to use, keeping your kids busy for little […]

Ship This: Saving Money and Resources

For those of you who have started to notice your mail being returned to you over the last week…you missed the memo.  The U.S. first class postage rate has risen yet again…now a cool $.44.  Which got us over at The Budget Ecoist a’thinkin: since everything is raising in price, how can we minimize the […]

Cheap Mosaic Wall Installations, Frugal by Necessity, and More: Web Round-Up

Save Money and Get in Shape This Spring via – Greenopia offers great ideas on how to get in shape and give back to the environment, when your gym membership is no longer fitting in your ever-tightening budget. Suddenly Frugal by Necessity, Not by Choice via Green Baby Guide – Green Baby Guide’s “Thrifty […]

Great Steals on Natural Makeup

Spring says…light, pretty makeup.  Glowing skin.  Organic, naturally!  Here are some of our favorite steals of the season, to turn up the lights on your perfect pallate, the natural way: For a light look, drop the concealer and start with a loose powder, instead.  We love Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Loose Powder.  […]

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Many herbs have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and even antibiotic properties. Using these herbs in essential oil form (or even dried form, from your garden) all you to create many natural cleaners inexpensively. Here are some suggestions for how to use herbs in essential oil form, followed by a list of which herbs have which properties. […]

Recycled Newspaper Pots, Dollar Store Crafts and More: Web Round-Up

Sturdy Recycled Newspaper Pots via A Heart for Home – Newspaper is a great recyclable product, especially as a seed starter since it decomposes and the inks are soy-based. This great post from A Heart for Home shows you how to recycle and save some cash, while prepping your spring garden. Set up Your Kitchen […]