Greening Your Gaming System: Green Tips

Now that the holidays are over, and kids of all ages are enjoying that gaming system they had to have, let’s take a moment to chat about how you can make that must-have electronic accessory a bit more green. The following tips have been provided courtesy of How to Green Your Gaming Gear: 1. […]

Eco Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Supplies: Green Tip

Vinegar, Borax, and Baking Powder can all be used as a non-toxic alternative to cleaning sprays. These are not only inexpensive ways to keep your home clean, but also safe for children and pets. Vinegar can actually be used a great cleaner. It’ll kill germs and is completely non-toxic making it safer for everyone in […]

Christmas Wrapping Paper, Cards, and Boxes: Green Tip

After Christmas, we all have a large stockpile of cards, trash full of wrapping paper, and loads of boxes. Don’t throw everything away yet!  Here is your chance to be a pack rat and prepare for next year’s holiday season. Reuse those Christmas Cards A great way to recycle those Christmas cards is to cut […]

Organic Cotton Vintage Bedding from Gaiam up to 70% off: Daily Deal

What: Organic cotton vintage striped bedding (discontinued colors) originally $22-$109. Now $9.99 – $42.99. The Lowdown: Duvet covers, pillow shams, sheets – all of them organic, all of them on sale. The details: 250 thread count, 100% organic cotton bedding, reversible striped duvet cover and ruffled shams are finished with rickrack trim. Buy quickly to […]

Reduce Your Car’s Gas Mileage: Green Tips

Can you lessen your fuel consumption without upgrading to a new hybrid car?  There are many ways to decreased the amount of gasoline you use even if your car gets 10 miles per gallon. 1. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.  Under inflated tires make you engine work harder and end up using more […]

Make Your Own Air Fresheners: Green Tips

I have to admit I’ve never been one for air fresheners.  I’m too cheap (and too chemical-averse) to bother.  But the holidays always inspire me…all those cookies baking in the kitchen, the hot apple cider simmering on the range. A moment later I think to myself, “Hey! i can do that!”. I can have sweet […]

Reuse Your Plastic Bags: Green Tip

Every time we go shopping the last question we asked when making our final purchases is, paper or plastic?  Since being asked this question over and over again, I’ve built up an extensive collection of plastic bags that seems to be more like a mountain.  There are actually very practical uses for these grocery bags […]

Really, Really Cheap ECO Holiday Gifts: Envirosax

What: Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags are available as single items ($7.95 ea!) as well as a set of 5 bags ($35). With reinforced seams, the surprisingly large bags hold the equivalent of 2 supermarket plastic bags. Why it’s green: It’s not a plastic bag! Who to give it to: Stylish friends who are looking for […]