New Eyes for the Needy: Do Good

New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit organization founded in 1932; its mission is to improve the vision of the needy, both in the United States and overseas. Last year alone, New Eyes for the Needy provided new prescription eyeglasses to 5,538 people in the United States. Recycled glasses are collected in the U.S., […]

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Collection via Organic Beauty

What: We were perusing the other day and were excited to read this post about Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Collection What They Say: ”Mask imperfections and even out your skin tone with these incredibly light and creamy cosmetics. They’re sold at mass-market and drugstores so they cost less than their department store counterparts, but […]

Top 10 Organic Foods: Organic Food

While we are a big fan of organic foods, we know it can be tough to be all organic, all the time. So, when faced with buying non-organic produce, it’s important to remember that some are treated with more pesticides than others. A study by the Environmental Working Group’s Top Ten Foods to Eat Organically […]

Wire Hangers: Recycle This

Here’s some quick easy tips for recycling used wire hangers. 1. Drop off wire hangers at drycleaners, who will re-use them 2. Use them for crafts check out this eHow article on how to make a mobile 3. Handy tool uses such as unclogging drains or opening locked car doors 4. See if daycares or […]

Mega Rolls: Green Tip

Today’s green tip focuses on how you can green your toilet paper.  We understand very well that there’s a difference between squishy soft T.P. and recycled, somewhat, well let’s just be nice and say “less squishy soft” T.P. There are some green soldiers out there who are willing to go recycled and we at The […]

Cloned Food Not Labeled Organic: Organic Food

The OTA has reiterated that meat, milk and other products produced from cloned animals will not be sold as “organic” in the United States. The organization issued the statement after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that its studies concluded that foods from cloned animals and their offspring are as safe as those produced […]

Organic Kilts: Organic Fashion

Today at The Budget Ecoist, we tip our hat to our progressive Scottish friends who have made organic kilts fashionable. Yes! This article on fashion news in Scotland details how organic wool producers are now entering the apparel and garment market. “There are around 10 organic wool producers delivering about two tons of raw materials […]

Baby Food Jars: Recycle This

For the parents of babies, a few ideas about what to do with that multitude of little baby food jars you have left over: 1. Dry out herbs from your garden, store them in the jars. Don’t forget to label them! Keep a few for yourself, give the others for gifts. 2. Use them to […]

eCycle: Green Tips

You bought a new flat screen TV, and while you were at it, you bought a flat screen monitor as well. Your old clunky TV was easily re-routed to a new home, thanks to Freecycle (read more about how to use Freecycle) but the monitor has seen better days and no one seems to want […]