Stirring It Up: Organic Food

We love the creamy, rich taste of Stonyfield Farm yogurts. It’s always a pleasure to find a product that’s not only full of nutritious and organic ingredients, but that is manufactured in an earth-friendly way. That’s why we were happy to see President and CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg’s book, Stirring It Up. Hirshberg has led efforts […]

Future Fashion January 31 Runway Show in NYC: Organic Fashion

Earth Pledge’s Future Fashion January 31 runway show will be kicking off this year’s New York Fashion Week. Future Fashion is an Earth Pledge Initiative to continue to educate, research and demonstrate to the industry and consumers that there are interesting [environmental] options [in fashion]. Future Fashion seeks to promote sustainable fabrics such as organic […]

Use Smart Power Strips: Green Tips

You turn your computer off and you expect that is that, right? Actually from an energy perspective, that’s not it. Even after turning off your computer, power continues to flow to peripherals such as printers and scanners, draining energy and costing you money. Using a smart energy strip, such as the Smart Strip Power Strip […]

Organic Food: Buy Organic, Attend Culinary Class Free

On a recent trip to Whole Foods, we discovered that eating healthy can land you more than just a well-stocked pantry. Now when you spend $10 or more on any 3 products from Spectrum Organics (we recommend the tangy-sweet organic balsamic vinegar), Arrowhead Mills (try the Quinoa for a nutty, hearty side dish or as […]

Green Tip: Eco Your Candle

Candles offer a wonderful opportunity to save on electricity. (They also offer a wonderful opportunity for romance!) But most people still use traditional paraffin candles.  Paraffin is problematic to the environment for several reasons.  First, it’s a petroleum-based product, so it comes with all of the environmental issues we face with gas. And let’s face […]

Recycle This: Candy Wrapper Bags

What: You’ll never look at another pack of Juicy Fruit the same, once you’ve laid your baby browns on this sweet piece of fashion—Behold! The candy wrapper handbag! The Lowdown: What a unique way to recycle candy wrappers! The stylish bags from actually use a bevy of recycled products (candy wrappers, movie billboards, soda […]

Flavored Water: Organic Food

What: Make your own organic flavored water The Lowdown: It only takes a minute or two to make your own organic flavored water at home with no sugar or artificial ingredients, and tailored to your flavor. Just take a pitcher and fill with water. Add sliced fresh fruits or veggies, slices of organic orange, cucumbers, […]

The Budget Ecoist Asks, How Can We Use Less Power? Reader Tips

Electricity prices have gone up this year as they have gone up every year since, well, the beginning of time.  Though we’ve provided tips on the Budget Ecoist, we don’t have all the answers. We’d like to think that we could give out tips that power our house for less than a dollar a day, […]