Packaging Matters: Green Tips

Yesterday we were perusing the fruit aisle at the grocery store. We’d like to put it out there that we rarely buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.  We prefer the Farmer’s Market.  But our schedule didn’t allow us to make the Farmer’s Market last weekend and our supply of fruit had seriously dwindled. […]

Vegan Strip Club: Green News

Customers find all skin, no meat at vegan strip club…We first read about this news story from With a headline like that, who couldn’t read it? Casa Diablo in Portland, Oregon has opened the world’s first vegan strip club. You’ll find no meat, eggs or dairy on the menu. Hmmm..They might be vegan, but […]

Print Green: Green Tips

Like it or not, as part of a computer-dependant world, we’re impacting the environment through many of our habits and jobs, from the hardware we use to the way we communicate. Consider the environmental impact of pushing print. We’re not suggesting you stop printing; we’re just asking you to consider printing smarter and helping to […]

DIY: Terrariums

We love these Smith and Hawkin Terrariums (pictured above), but even with our much-anticipated tax refund, we don’t have the $50 to spend on one of these. So we decided to make our own. Using the DIY instructions from the DIY network, a glass jar from the thrift store, potting soil and a small shade-loving […]

Care by Stella McCartney: Organic Beauty

Carrying on her mother’s environmentally and animal-friendly legacy, Stella McCartney has introduced a wonderful line of certified organic skincare products formulated with 100 percent organic ingredients that are ecocert-certified, no petrochemicals or silicones. Care by Stella McCartney is a unique range of ethical and effective skincare products that combines the ultimate in pampering and nature […]

Fruit Snacks: Organic Food

Waiting in line at the health-food store, we recently spied FruitaBu Smoooshed fruit snacks. Retailing for just 50¢ each, the snacks are a great way to get an extra bit of fruit in your diet. The snacks are USDA organic and all sugars in the product are found naturally in the fruit, no high fructose […]

Reduce Disposables: Reader Tips

Reusing common household products reduces waste and helps conserve resources. It’s a simple way to make a positive environmental impact. Here are a few ways we reduce our use of disposable products: Whenever we take our cup of joe to go, we bring a reusable coffee mug. we’ve broken the bottled water habit. More than […]