Grow Zones: Budget Gardening Tip

If you want to successfully start or maintain a garden, it’s important to know your grow zone. The grow zone refers to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, and will tell you which plants will grow well in the climate where you live. This way, you won’t plant things that can’t survive in your climate. […]

Drying Herbs, Perennials: Green Tips

If you’re looking for one green habit to incorporate into your lifestyle, we would encourage you to think about growing and harvesting your own herbs. Why? 1. It’s an easy process, and a fulfilling one at that; 2. Planting your own adds additional carbon fighting elements into the atmosphere; 3. Saves you money. People often […]

Be fine: Natural Beauty

So…we’ve yet to have the opportunity to try out Be fine’s food skin care line (though we hope to do a product review on it soon!). But we have noticed their gorgeous, colorful ads in O, The Oprah Magazine. Have you been as curious as we have to try them out? Based on those pretty […]

Recycle Products at Recycle This

HP has been a leader in environmental responsibility for decades. Having set a goal of recycling 1 billion pounds of electronics by 2008, HP met its goal six months early.  Did they sit down and pat themselves on the back?  Well maybe for a moment.  But after that moment was over, HP announced that it […]

Drink Mixes: Organic Food

To Go Brands is offering two free taste test samples of each product it offers: Green Tea Energy Fusion, a fusion of all natural green teas and energizing herbs and extracts; Go Greens Plus Super Fruits and Veggies; and Acai Natural Energy Boost. Made with organic ingredients, the natural drink mixes come in convenient stick […]

Pangaya Closing Shop: Organic Fashion

We first learned about Pangaya through Chartreuse Chic. Sadly, Pangaya has announced they’re going out of business.  As a high-end online retailer of environmentally-friendly women’s clothing since 2003, the organic fashion community is losing a dear friend.  Pangaya will continue operating until inventory is depleted. This means savings of up to 80% on your favorite […]

Organic Fragrance: Organic Beauty

The latest trend in fragrance?  Go organic, of course!  Perfume manufacturers are taking notice as the demand for fragrances made of natural, organic ingredients increases. Lucky us! Organic perfumes are made from natural fragrances, free of chemicals and toxins. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, but they are also less likely to irritate your skin. For […]

Natural Ant Prevention: Green Gardening

Credit: GardenFan/Flickr Mint not only smells great and adds zing to your tea or other beverages; the plants can be used as a natural pest deterrent. The mint plant “specifically spearmint” is a natural ant repellent and will drive the pests away and keep them from returning. If you have an ant problem in your […]

DVDs and CDs: Recycle This

Hundreds of millions, if not billions, of DVDs, CDs and game discs are discarded each year. Recycling could address a great portion of that problem.  But don’t dream of throwing out the DVD wtih the regular recycling! That’s because discs are made of high-grade polycarbonate, which when mixed with other, lesser-grade plastics, produces an inferior […]