Vermi Composting Basics: Budget Gardening Tip

While composting is usually considered an outdoor activity, vermi composting can be done indoors and is a good use for kitchen and other waste. Vermi composting uses worms to turn organic matter into rich, lightweight compost to add to your garden soil. The compost is odorless and can be kept indoors for handy use.

Make Your Own Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Flavored sugars can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find. The next time you need vanilla flavored sugar, or want to add a gourmet dash to a dessert, make your own flavored sugar with this vanilla recipe: Combine 1 cup organic granulated sugar (even Domino Sugar now offers an organic version) with a vanilla bean. […]

Drying Herbs, Annuals: Green Tips

On Wednesday, we posted about how you too can dry your own fresh herbs. What a great way to save money, help the environment, and have a little fun while you’re at it! Wednesday’s post focused on perennial herbs, which is a slightly different process from harvesting annual herbs. So today’s post will give specific […]

Drying Herbs, Perennials: Green Tips

If you’re looking for one green habit to incorporate into your lifestyle, we would encourage you to think about growing and harvesting your own herbs. Why? 1. It’s an easy process, and a fulfilling one at that; 2. Planting your own adds additional carbon fighting elements into the atmosphere; 3. Saves you money. People often […]

Saving Energy with Your Dishwasher: Green Home

Depending on how you wash dishes by hand or your habits when using a dishwasher, either can be considered green. But for the purpose of this post, we’re going to give you a few good (read: easy) tips to help you be more environmentally-friendly when using your dishwasher. 1. Use an Energy Star dishwasher. It’s […]

Drink Mixes: Organic Food

To Go Brands is offering two free taste test samples of each product it offers: Green Tea Energy Fusion, a fusion of all natural green teas and energizing herbs and extracts; Go Greens Plus Super Fruits and Veggies; and Acai Natural Energy Boost. Made with organic ingredients, the natural drink mixes come in convenient stick […]

Pangaya Closing Shop: Organic Fashion

We first learned about Pangaya through Chartreuse Chic. Sadly, Pangaya has announced they’re going out of business.  As a high-end online retailer of environmentally-friendly women’s clothing since 2003, the organic fashion community is losing a dear friend.  Pangaya will continue operating until inventory is depleted. This means savings of up to 80% on your favorite […]