Grow: The Look for Less

April 22 is Earth Day and in celebration we’ve found some great looks that will help you bring some indoor style to your outdoors. The best part: All looks are $38 and under. While $38 might seem like a little much to spend on gardening tools, the “Calle” gardening tools (pictured above) are made of […]

Going Solar: Green Home

Have you noticed all of those solar homes popping up around your neighborhood? We sure have, and it got us to thinking about whether going solar was something we should consider. While the law of supply and demand catches up with green practices, we’re often forced to pay more money to support the causes we […]

Waste-Free Lunches: Go Green

As people have become busier and busier, marketers have found ways to cleverly address our needs: disposable Tupperware means fewer dishes to deal with; paper bags, plastic cutlery and Ziploc bags make lunch-packing quick and easy. Single-serving items such as individual apple sauces, pre-packs of celery and peanut butter, etc. are easy to grab and […]

Cooking Grease: Recycle This

Have you ever played the game of “favorites”? It’s a great ice breaker or dinner conversation. (Fans of the movie The Way We Were will remember this game!) The game goes like this, “Name your favorite X.” Simple, right? Of course it takes time and mastery to come up with really thought-provoking “favorites.” So you […]

Clever Uses for Packaging: Green Home

When JCPenney announced their new Simply Green Collection, we were excited. As we perused pieces from the new collection, we were further excited by green tips from JCPenney’s eco-expert, Danny Seo. Seo goes a step beyond simply supporting sustainable products, he also looks to packaging for storage solutions and finds clever ways to use environmentally-friendly […]

Raising a Green Baby: Go Green

We read this great post on, the other day, about how to raise a green baby. We have a few additional tips of our own to add: 1. Make your own organic baby food: With the help of a Cuisinart Mini-Prep, a good cookbook, and some yummy organic fruits and veggies, you are on […]

Moving Boxes: Recycle This

Ahhhh…the joys of moving! All those boxes, the newspaper, the packaging peanuts! It’s enough to make an Eco Warrior go mad! We’ve previously posted tips on how to recycle and reuse packaging peanuts. But let’s face it, from an environmental perspective, packaging peanuts are, well, peanuts in terms of the bigger picture. Moving boxes…now that’s […]