Organic Eggs have Lower Salmonella Risk: Organic Food

A recent British Government study found a significantly lower level of Salmonella, a bacterium that is the most common cause of food poisoning worldwide, at organic hen farms. Over 23% of farms with caged hens tested positive for salmonella, compared to just 4.4% in organic flocks and 6.5% in free-range flocks. Salmonella was most prevalent […]

Homeowners Forced to Cut Redwoods that Block Solar Panels on Neighbor’s Home

Holy clash of the environmentalists, Batman! They drive a Prius, He drives an electric car. They both consider themselves environmentalists. In 1997, They planted eight redwood trees along the borders of their houses to create more privacy. In 2001, He installed a 10-kilowatt solar system (he only pays appx. $60/year for electricity!).

Lunch with Less Waste: Organic Food

The next time you pack a lunch for yourself or your kids, consider this: on average, each child throws out about more than 60 pounds of lunchbox trash each year. Those single-serving pieces of waxed paper, aluminum foil and plastic baggies add up in the landfills and increase waste-disposal costs for schools. Here are some […]

Packaging Peanuts: Recycle This

Many of us ecoist-types don’t like admiting our dirty little secret. But here goes: “My name is The Budget Ecoist and I like packaging peanuts.” There! I said it! I’m not ashamed. Those packaging peanuts are great! They fill all the nooks and crannies of our packages and prevent breakage in a way that rolling […]

Organic Kiwifruit is Healthier: Organic Food

Here’s another great reason to choose organic foods: organic kiwifruit has been found to be healthier than the conventionally grown fruits, according to a study by University of California-Davis scientists. The study, published in the journal Chemistry and Industry, showed that organically grown kiwifruit contains higher levels of polyphenols, the same healthy compounds found in […]

New Uses for Home Goods You Already Own: Green Home

What: Real Simple magazine gives six new uses for home goods you already own. What they say: Raisins restore bubbles to Champagne that has lost most of its fizz. Drop a raisin into the open bottle a few minutes before pouring and any last gasps of carbon dioxide that are left in the wine will […]

Vermi Composting Basics: Budget Gardening Tip

While composting is usually considered an outdoor activity, vermi composting can be done indoors and is a good use for kitchen and other waste. Vermi composting uses worms to turn organic matter into rich, lightweight compost to add to your garden soil. The compost is odorless and can be kept indoors for handy use.

Make Your Own Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Flavored sugars can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find. The next time you need vanilla flavored sugar, or want to add a gourmet dash to a dessert, make your own flavored sugar with this vanilla recipe: Combine 1 cup organic granulated sugar (even Domino Sugar now offers an organic version) with a vanilla bean. […]

Drying Herbs, Annuals: Green Tips

On Wednesday, we posted about how you too can dry your own fresh herbs. What a great way to save money, help the environment, and have a little fun while you’re at it! Wednesday’s post focused on perennial herbs, which is a slightly different process from harvesting annual herbs. So today’s post will give specific […]