Eco-Friendly Gardening with DIY Network: Go Green

Prime gardening season is upon us! You know what that means….it’s time to strategize about how our landscapes and gardens are going to receive the water necessary to thrive, without being wasteful. A quick tip is to keep a small bucket near your bathroom. As you are warming the water for a bath or shower, […]

Reduce Water Use at Home: Go Green

Did you know that only 3 percent of the earth’s water is fresh water? It’s a vital yet limited natural resource. Consider this: turning on the faucet isn’t just about water usage; it takes energy to collect, purify and pump the water that makes its way to our homes. In addition, any water that goes […]

Protect Plants from Frost: Budget Gardening Tip

Now that spring has arrived, your outdoor plants are safe from the harm of frost, right? Unfortunately if you live in certain areas, a hard frost is still possible. (Click here for more details on frost dates in your grow zone.) However, there are easy and inexpensive ways to protect tender plants from the danger […]

The Platypus Hydration System: Go Green

So we try to live with the fact that plastic water bottles should no longer be a part of our life. But carrying around a non-disposable bottle all day can add bulk to your load, making smooth getaways a little clunky. Solution – the water bottle with the cute name – Platypus – becomes a […]

Crochet Plastic Bags into Mats and More: Recycle This

Even with the best of intentions, there are times when we forget to bring our totes grocery shopping and it quickly becomes obvious that the most extensive collection of canvas and cotton totes won’t do the world any good if you don’t remember to bring them to the store. Then bam! Back home with another […]

Earth Day: The Budget Ecoist

Today is Earth Day; a day when we are all reminded that we should make our approach to life a little greener. In celebration, below is a round-up of some of our favorite tips from the Budget Ecoist on how to be green without spending too much green. The Budget Ecoist helps people save the […]

Planting a Container Salad: Budget Gardening Tip

If you’re limited on space but still want to grow vegetables for salad, a container garden might be for you. In fact, with some clever planning, you can grow all the makings for a salad in one container. For best results, plant the container in the spring and by the end of summer, you will […]

Books, DVDs, CDs, and Video Games: Recycle This

Kids bored of their current video games? Already reached level 10 and no longer know what to do with themselves? Swap it! is a community website that allows members to trade not only video games, but also books, DVDs, and CDs. In honor of Earth Day, will be donating $1 dollar for every […]

Think Outside the Pot: DIY

Unique planters are a great way to add color and interest to your deck, porch, patio or backyard. Planters can also provide a lush garden for people who don’t have a backyard or who rent. But have you been to your local garden store lately? Planters can cost you from $20 to $80 a piece. […]