Light up the Outside for Under $35: Entertaining on a Budget

Summertime is the time for spur-the-moment get-togethers and low key barbeque’s on a Friday night. Here are some great, cheap ways to light up your great outdoors to get ready for those summer night parties. Timeless and classic. The tiki torch gives you light and if you use citronella oil it can keep pesky mosquitoes […]

A Trio of Companies That Take Your Junk: Recycle This!

The already Earth-conscious, animal-friendly Aveda line of haircare products recycles water bottle caps (which can’t be recycled using the usual plastic-bottle-recycling process) for an upcoming line of their limited edition retro-style Clove shampoo, in stores this September. Send caps to: Aveda Re-Cap Program ACA Waste Services 40 EADS Street Babylon, NY 11704 When you’re sending […]

Aspirin to Protect Plants: Budget Gardening Tip

Take two aspirin and call the doctor in the morning, right? What may help ease your headache might also help your plants to thrive, both indoors and outdoors. Before a fungus can attack your ferns or aphids your asparagus, grab the aspirin from your medicine chest and mix up this handy homemade fertilizer, which can […]

Clean Your Basement Without Filling Your Trash Bin: Go Green

We all have our own dirty little secrets, admit it. Your basement is dirrrrrty! If spring has sprung your urge to clean, we have some great tips on how you can clean out the basement without filling your trash bin. So throw on some comfy clothes, grab a few large boxes and get ready to […]

The Gift (Card) that Keeps on Giving: Recycle This!

Now that unwanted gift card can turn into giving trees through the site Gift Cards for Trees. Here’s how it works: You get an unwanted gift card, say it’s for Outback Steakhouse and you just gave up red meat. But instead of letting it expire, as so many gift cards do, you mail in your […]

The Spin Dryer: Green Home

If you’re like us and that hour-long dryer cycle makes you feel like a prisoner in your own home (and an energy irresponsible inmate), we’ve found another option – and it isn’t the clothesline. The Laundry Alternative recently introduced the Spin Dryer, a compact machine that does its job between the washing and drying, and […]

Organize Your Receipts: Go Green

The other day at The Budget Ecoist…we were just minding our own business when suddenly…we were taken aback by a reader’s question, “Can I recycle receipt paper?” Well, um, yes, we think so. I mean, we’ve been recycling our receipts…but maybe we’re not supposed to? Maybe there’s some special rule about receipt paper. Oh gosh…have […]

Ziploc–The Other Plastic Bag: Recycle This!

This is one of those tips that will make significant others look at you askew. But it’s all for the greater good, and you’re used to it anyway, right? Ziploc bags are so handy, yet so wasteful. Use ’em once and throw ’em away, right? Wrong! Why not simply wash’ em? You probably don’t want […]