Urban Homesteading: Green Home

You know there’s a trend afoot when you’ve heard a new phrase more than once in a 48-hour period. The latest words getting trend-dropped? Urban Homesteading. Part response to toxins in our food, homes and toys and part eff you to corporate control, Urban Homesteaders are growing their own vegetables and finding their own renewable […]

The Flock Browser Eco Edition: Go Green

What’s blue and white and green all over? The Flock Browser Eco-Edition, of course! People use the Web today in extremely different ways than they did a decade ago. Flock was founded on the vision that the web browser can and should enable individuals to customize their own unique preference for favorite sites, utilities, media […]

Eco-Friendly Gardening with DIY Network: Go Green

Prime gardening season is upon us! You know what that means….it’s time to strategize about how our landscapes and gardens are going to receive the water necessary to thrive, without being wasteful. A quick tip is to keep a small bucket near your bathroom. As you are warming the water for a bath or shower, […]

Protect Plants from Frost: Budget Gardening Tip

Now that spring has arrived, your outdoor plants are safe from the harm of frost, right? Unfortunately if you live in certain areas, a hard frost is still possible. (Click here for more details on frost dates in your grow zone.) However, there are easy and inexpensive ways to protect tender plants from the danger […]

Crochet Plastic Bags into Mats and More: Recycle This

Even with the best of intentions, there are times when we forget to bring our totes grocery shopping and it quickly becomes obvious that the most extensive collection of canvas and cotton totes won’t do the world any good if you don’t remember to bring them to the store. Then bam! Back home with another […]

Earth Day: The Budget Ecoist

Today is Earth Day; a day when we are all reminded that we should make our approach to life a little greener. In celebration, below is a round-up of some of our favorite tips from the Budget Ecoist on how to be green without spending too much green. The Budget Ecoist helps people save the […]