Everything Becomes School & Office Supplies: Recycle This!

If there is a cooler green company out there right now than TerraCycle, we’d like to hear about it. TerraCycle recently partnered with Office Max to produce a line of recycled office and school products. The results? One marvelous waste-free future unfolding before us! A recent rundown in Ecopreneurist goes into more detail, but here […]

Coffee Grounds as Mulch: Budget Gardening Tip

Last week we talked about using used coffee grounds (among other things) as natural slug prevention. But did you know, coffee grounds also make excellent garden mulch? If you’re a coffee drinker, it’s a great way to use those used grounds (and paper filters) rather than just throwing them in the garbage. They can be […]

Mommy-WOW! Diapers: Recycle this!

Here’s another major source of non-biodegradable landfill waste: baby diapers. Just think: the plastic diapers we used as babies are probably still buried in some landfill today, and will continue to be there long after we are gone. Factor in that each baby uses about six thousand before toilet training is complete, and that’s a […]

Easy, Organic Summer Drink: Go Green

Here’s a recipe, a budget-friendly tip and a plug for local food all wrapped up in one delicious summer drink: strawberry lemonade. Ever get a craving for strawberries when they’re no longer in season? Sure you do…we all do! There’s no need to buy frozen (with all that excess packaging and what not) and there’s […]

Green Glass Vintage Goblet: Green Home

Sometimes your fancy friends come over and it’s time to put away the tumblers and PBR, clean off the good china and pour a Pinot. Why not spend your hard-earned home entertainment dollars on sustaining practices of elegant craftsmanship that you can pass down to your grandchildren? Green Glass is a group of adventurers who […]

Discovery Channel’s Planet Green Launches: Green Video

Planet Green, the first all-green television network, launched on June 4. 24-hour programming on everything green: DIY projects, reality shows, food and more. Get a quick idea about the great shows that are going to be featured on this new, progressive channel! We’re looking forward to the Ludacris and Tommy Lee reality show, Battleground Earth, […]

Natural Slug Control: Budget Gardening Tip

Garden slugs feed on both living plants as well as on decaying plant matter. On plants’ leaves and flowers, they chew irregular holes, and can clip succulent plant parts. Because they prefer succulent foliage or flowers, they can be damaging to seedlings and herbaceous plants, as well as ripening fruits such as strawberries, artichokes, and […]