Olive Complexion: Go Green

Your grandma probably washed her face with soap, slathered on some Pond’s cold cream and called it a day. Facial beauty routines have since become considerably more complex – and involve considerably more cash outlay and plastic packaging. We often fall for clever copywriting and pretty boxes, the results of which come flying out every […]

Homeless Photos: Recycle This

Let’s see a show of hands for everyone who has individual photos floating around the abode, looking for a resting place. That’s what we thought – all of you. Face facts, you’re not going to create a new look book any time soon. No. You’re not. And you don’t want to leave all your cute […]

All Sewn Up: Go Green

Did you hear? Sewing isn’t just for 4-Hers anymore. This back to the roots activity is taking hold in the biggest and smallest cities around the U.S. of A. Even if you’re not a reality show contender, you too can turn a bolt of material (purchased, or found on your mom’s dining room table) into […]

20 Really Great Green Blogs

There are so many great green blogs out there today, but really we don’t have time to read them all (though we wish we did!!). Here’s our list of our favorites we make a point of perusing several times a week. Without further adieu, The Budget Ecoist’s top twenty favorite green blogs, in alphabetical order: […]

Fish Tank: Recycle This

We want to give credit where credit is due. So the idea for this post came from one of our favorite British blogs, How Can I Recycle This? It just so happens that one of the Ecoists over here has a husband (and we’re not naming names) who has a thing about fish tanks. You […]