Fall Blooming Annuals: Budget Gardening Tip

As cooler fall temperatures begin to set in in many parts of the country, summer-blooming annuals and perennials may begin to lose their luster — and even their blossoms. While it is the time to catch up on many gardening tasks before winter comes (including planting spring-blooming bulbs, it’s also a good time to fill […]

Go Green with Shea Terra Organics

When eco-friendly gals pamper themselves, they consider the products they use just as carefully as they peruse the day’s green news. That’s why we’re raving about Shea Terra Organics, a company that offers all natural face and bath products. The Budget Fashionista is giving away FIVE Shea Terra Organics gift sets. They include the Bourbon […]

Biodegradable Houseware: Go Green

Wheatware’s mission? “Save virgin forests and reduce oil dependency.” They’re ambitious goals for a company that sells flatware, hangers, drumsticks, golf tees and more sundry items but seeing as all their ordinary household items are made of wheat and biodegradable resin, Wheatware has a fighting chance. Purchase their flatware for a party instead of plastic […]

Domino Coasters: Green Video

We all have board games that are missing pieces. If you have an unplayable domino set, don’t throw away the plastic pieces into the trash. Instead, watch this video and learn how to create a coaster out of them. All you need is scissors, a hot glue gun, the dominoes, and felt. Your tabletops will […]

Bubble Calendar: Recycle This

What with this interweb thing sweeping the nation, we’ve been doing a lot of looking at other options for our underutilized mailroom supplies. And as we start taking in the last days of 2008 (What? You’re not panicked about the holidays holidays yet?) we’re thinking these Bubble Calendars are a genius combo of a super […]

Paint it Green: Eco-Friendly Home

About once a year, we get a jones to paint the living room, but we rarely follow through on my terra cotta-tinged dreams because, frankly, the smell of paint makes us want to vomit. And it’s hard to justify picking up a gallon of something that, when it’s tossed, can pollute 250,000 gallons of water. […]