The Chicago Shopping Guide

The Chicago Shopping Guide

Chicago is one of my FAVORITE shopping cities (read about my shopping adventures in the Chicago Tribune).  Located on the shores of the mighty Lake Michigan, Chicago is definitely our kind of town.  Part college town, part business town and part ethnic enclave, Chicago is full of amazing deals.  Chicago fashionistas have long loved the […]

Heading to London? Check Out Our Guide for British Style on a Budget

We’re obsessed with the style of our fashionable friends on the other side of the big pond (Kathryn has legendary stores of spending 2 hours in the accessories section of the Oxford high street Topshop). British fashionista’s are little more willing to experiment with color (orange) and style (fascinators, aka, the crazy hats worn to […]

Guide to New York (NYC) Sample Sales

Shopping in NYC? I’ve scoured our sample sale database to put together this handy monthly guide to NYC sample sales and shopping events. Below is a guide of some of the top sample sale and sale events in the NYC area culled from our sales database. These dates aren’t “firm”, designers often change the dates […]

Paris on a Budget: Shopping Tips and More

News from a BFF:  Marilyn Machlowitz, Budget Fashionista Friend and Manhattan headhunter, recently returned from her first trip to Paris in 22 years and shared these bargain-savvy tips for this costly capital. Whenever I told anyone I was headed to Paris, the first thing they said was to bring plenty of Euros. They were and […]

How To Bargain Shop Your City

In case you missed it: even if you’re queen of the bargain in your town, you might learn something new from The Budget Fashionista’s tips on how to shop your city. We covered four big cities: How to shop New York Sample Sales: This city is the absolute best place to score at sample sales.  […]

Fashion Advice: Las Vegas Shopping

Dear Budget Fashionista I’m going to Las Vegas for New Years and I want to do some bargain shopping for clothing and shoes. What places do you recommend? Answer: The best places to do real bargain shopping in Las Vegas is at the outlets. My favorite outlet in Las Vegas is the Fashion Outlet Las […]

Shopping Guide to Boston

Posh department stores and malls lie alongside thriving, one-of-a-kind independent stores in fabulous, one-of-a-kind Boston. And here’s a nice perk for your wallet: Massachusetts charges no sales tax on clothing purchases up to $175. The effects of the Tea Party continue to this day. Boston Shopping Tips     Head to Newbury Street – If […]

Shopping Guide to Minneapolis

The Twin Cities is the home of Prince, the Mall of America, cold weather and the best shopping in the Upper Midwest. It’s also my hometown. Whether it’s Saks Fifth Avenue in downtown Minneapolis or the Outlet Mall in Albertville, Minneapolis has enough shopping to satisfy the most discriminating fashionista. Here’s my tips for shopping […]

Shopping Advice: Bargain Shopping in Las Vegas

Source Dear Budget Fashionista: What are the best places for bargain shopping in Las Vegas? A: Personally, I think the best places to do real bargain shopping in Las Vegas is at the outlets (read below my comments on pawn shops).  Las Vegas has more shopping outlets per capita than probably any other place in […]