Bridal Rescue: What to Wear to All Your Wedding Activities

Outfits For Your Weekend Wedding

For most brides, wedding planning focuses on the one item little-girl wedding dreams are made of: the wedding gown. But most weddings involve a whole bunch of other wedding-weekend events for which you’ll need to look and feel your bridal best, with as little fuss (and expense) as possible. If you’re the bride, however, you’re […]

The DIY Bride: Wedding Beauty On A Budget

With budgets tighter than ever, it’s a tough time for brides who want their dream wedding but don’t have a dream bank account to back it up. As every good budget fashionista knows, however, an antidote for tough times is wrapped up in three little letters:  DIY.  These days, according to celebrity hairstylist and makeup […]

12 Things Your Weddings Can Do Without

Wedding Cake

Budget weddings don’t have to mean cheesy tackiness. Sometimes, all you really need is to look closely at your expenses and look for the 3 Cs: things you can change, compromise or, wait for it, completely do without (easy there, we’ll explain this more in a bit). Weddings expert, author, and blogger Cara Davis shares […]

Say Yes to DIY Wedding Makeup It’s no secret that weddings can be extremely expensive. Between the cake, reception hall, and invitations, the cost of the average wedding can grow to be over $20,000. Yet, there’s a new surge in the popularity of D.I.Y. weddings. You can print your own invitations, create your own centerpieces with fresh or faux flowers, […]

Tips for Finding Mother of the Bride Outfits

Dear Budget Fashionista: I am a stylish soon to be mother-of-the-bride. I have been searching for something stylish, but all the dresses I’ve seen are for unfashionable ! What are some tips to help me find a hip mother of the bride dress without spending a fortune? Answer: Just because your kid is getting married, […]

How to Recycle, Resuse, or Donate Your Wedding Dress

The wedding is officially over (or, in some cases, never happen) and you have this beautiful, albeit puffy, dress that you really can’t wear again. The traditional option is to take your wedding dress to a drycleaner to have the dress preserved (which will cost you upwards of $50) for that future daughter/granddaughter. 1. Make […]

Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses (on a Budget)

Many of the most timeless, elegant brides of yesterday and today have chosen long sleeved dresses for their big day, including many royals. If you want to look like a princess on your wedding day, you can make up for the lack of parades, celebrity guests and carriage rides past thousands of cheering fans… with […]

How to Find a Cheap (and Stylish) Wedding Dress

The scariest show on TV has to be WE TV’s Brideszilla. The smokey thing that eats people on ABC’s Lost ain’t got nothing on the Brides on that show. What is scarier than the brides themselves is the money they spend on their weddings, especially their wedding dresses (in one episode one bride took out […]

How to Find Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Getting chosen by a friend to serve as one of her bridesmaids is exciting…. in theory. The parties and showers, the shopping, the photos– all of this is a blast. But then reality sets in when said bridesmaid realizes she’s got to buy a dress, and not just any dress, a possibly unflattering (read: frumpy) […]