Six Great Swimsuits for Older Women

Women's One-Shoulder 1-Piece Swimsuit

Of the many things forced upon women as we get older, is this belief that once you reach a certain again, you must start wearing swimsuits that look like waterproof muumuus or the worst creation since the “slanket”, the swimdress. I find this to be absurd. No one’s stopping the legions of old dudes wearing […]

Low Cost/High Impact Swimsuits for $30

As spurts of warm weather tantalize us with promises of summer fun in the sun, right about now is when we start daydreaming of Caribbean vacations, strawberry daiquiri’s (or shall we say several daiquiri’s?) on the beach, and checking out the hot eye candy on the beach. Conspicuously absent from our little jaunts to la-la […]

The Best Swimsuit Brands on a Budget

What’s more terrifying than trying on swimsuits surrounded by mirrors in fluorescent lights? Paying a small fortune for a piece of body-baring Spandex. But don’t worry, we got your back (seriously, we do) and have put together this list of the best budget-friendly swimsuit brands that help you look good and save a few bucks. […]

Best Bathing Suits for Summer 2014 For Those Who Tan


Let’s be real. We select our summer bathing suits based on these two reasons: 1. Do I look and feel totally amazing in this bathing suit? And, if you’re the type of person who tans… 2. What will the tan lines look like? Here’s our picks The One-Piece. Many people I know shy away from […]

Be a Bathing (Suit) Beauty with these Fab Finds

Bathing Suits for Every Body

Summer will be here before we know it and unless we’ve been living on another planet, lots of stores have been dropping the “time to get a bathing suit” hint, right?  It’s all we see as soon as we enter, so we’ll take it as our cue to stock up on suits while the styles we like (at the prices […]

Best Budget Spray Tanner?

Question: What’s the Best Budget Spray Tanner? Remember that time you got all spray tanned up before an impromptu party, ended up an ugly orange, and had to take a panicked shower with baking soda? Self tanners are an awesome alternative to painful sunburns, peeling (yuck), and scary skin cancer, but they can also be […]

Best Swimsuits for Those With Large Breast

monif c swimsuit

Yes, we love lying out at the beach and playing in the pool, but even the most enthusiastic shoppers dread the thought of searching for a swimsuit, and we don’t blame them. Never is it more important to find the garment that flatters you best, and it must look perfect when you buy it– swimwear […]