Ribbon Napkin Rings: DIY

Just like the little black dress can take on multiple personalities with different accessories, so can the simple white napkin. By changing up the “jewelry” creative rings give napkins many different looks. Instead of Grandma’s formal silver rings (save them for Thanksgiving), try a variety of cookie cutters for the shiny effect at the table. […]

Cinco De Mayo: Entertaining on a Budget

Cinco De Mayo, meaning the fifth of May, celebrates a key victory by the Mexican forces on May 5, 1862, over the French in the fight to expel the French from Mexico. Over the years, this holiday has evolved to celebrate the culture and experiences of Mexican Americans. On Cinco De Mayo, everyone is a […]

Bruschetta Chicken: Budget Food Tip

We love meals that only look difficult. This recipe for bruschetta chicken takes just a few ingredients, and the meal is made in a Crock Pot slow cooker for ultimate convenience. Put the ingredients together in the morning, and by dinner time, a tastes-like-home-made Italian meal is nearly ready. You will need: 3 skinless chicken […]

How to Save on Groceries

As grocery prices continue to escalate due to increases in oil prices and other factors, saving money on groceries is important. Following are five easy ways to save on your weekly grocery bill. How to Save on Your Groceries 1. Never shop hungry. Your mother might have told you this one: never shop hungry. It […]

Pizza Night: Entertaining on a Budget

Whether you are having people over tonight to watch “Lost” or throwing a big Friday night bash, pizza is a fabulous perennial party food. But with rising food and fuel costs, getting pizza isn’t always the deal it’s cracked up to be and don’t even get us started on those nasty frozen pizzas (that includes […]

Earth Day: The Budget Ecoist

Today is Earth Day; a day when we are all reminded that we should make our approach to life a little greener. In celebration, below is a round-up of some of our favorite tips from the Budget Ecoist on how to be green without spending too much green. The Budget Ecoist helps people save the […]

Buying in Season: Budget Grocery Tip

Buying produce in season is a great way to save money and enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables. A recent trip to the grocery store found that the following is just coming into season: Asparagus – look for bright green stalks with closed, compact tips. Thinner stalks will be more tender than thick. Also available […]

Dip-travaganza: Entertaining on a Budget

Going out can be expensive, but having people over can be frustrating. So what are you going to do? Well, before you slap on some lipstick for another night on the town consider how much are you really spending on cab rides, gas, movie tickets, drinks, appetizers? Save yourself some money and have a fun […]

Takeout Without the Guilt: Budget Food Tip

We love the idea of healthy fast food, but the reality of it isn’t so common. Fortunately, restaurateurs are catching on and healthy choices are starting to crop up in the trendier cities. With an emphasis on healthy, natural and organic eats, a new genre of “fast food” restaurants has evolved to meet the needs […]