Planting Seeds from Foods You Eat: Budget Gardening Tip

An inexpensive way to grow fruits and vegetables you know you’ll love is to plant the seeds from your favorite fruits and vegetables. Seed saving has long been popular for reproducing plants from heirloom seeds, and it can easily be done from fruits and vegetables you purchase at the store or at a local market. […]

Farmers’ Markets: Budget Grocery Tip

The arrival of May heralds the beginning of many local farmers’ markets. Farmers’ markets are an excellent resource for fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and other dairy products, and even plants. Produce is extremely fresh, as it comes from the farmers right around your neighborhood, and prices are usually better than at the supermarket. Buying local […]

Mother’s Day: Entertaining on a Budget

Celebrate your mommy this weekend by treating her to her just deserts—Angel food cake and fabulous presents! Here is a great desert recipe and some gift ideas to show your mom how much you care this Mother’s Day. Angel Lush Cake This Angel food cake recipe is from Kraft and is simple, delicious and easy […]

Watermelon Drinks: Budget Food Tip

One of the surest signs that summer has arrived is the appearance of watermelons in the store. Nothing says summer like the sweet and refreshing taste of red ripe watermelon, enjoyed by the slice or chopped up into cubes in a fruit salad. In the store, look for a firm watermelon free of bruises. Pick […]

Use Your Leftovers: Budget Grocery Tip

Sure, you can clip coupons and watch for in-store sales and specials. However, there is another easy way to save on the groceries you buy: use your leftovers. How often do you end up tossing out wilted fruits and vegetables? Do leftovers get used, or just get left over in the fridge until they are […]

Ribbon Napkin Rings: DIY

Just like the little black dress can take on multiple personalities with different accessories, so can the simple white napkin. By changing up the “jewelry” creative rings give napkins many different looks. Instead of Grandma’s formal silver rings (save them for Thanksgiving), try a variety of cookie cutters for the shiny effect at the table. […]

How to Save on Groceries

As grocery prices continue to escalate due to increases in oil prices and other factors, saving money on groceries is important. Following are five easy ways to save on your weekly grocery bill. How to Save on Your Groceries 1. Never shop hungry. Your mother might have told you this one: never shop hungry. It […]

Pizza Night: Entertaining on a Budget

Whether you are having people over tonight to watch “Lost” or throwing a big Friday night bash, pizza is a fabulous perennial party food. But with rising food and fuel costs, getting pizza isn’t always the deal it’s cracked up to be and don’t even get us started on those nasty frozen pizzas (that includes […]