Ocean Minded Shoes: Recycle This

We love it when we can look cool and do good at the same time. It happens so rarely. Perhaps we should stop wearing the “I’m in Love with Mother Earth” tee to bars on the weekends. The activists at Ocean Minded Ocean Minded are super helpful in this endeavor as they craft beautiful, durable […]

Grandma’s China: Recycle This

The next time you break a beautiful piece of china, instead of bemoaning the loss of a sentimental and potentially expensive family heirloom, contact the people at The Broken Plate Pendant Company! They’ll take your prized possession, wipe away your tears, and turn it into a lovely piece of jewelry you will be proud to […]

Apple Picking: Go Green

If you live in either a “too hot in the summer” or “brutal in the winter” climate (or both – hello NYC!) fall may be the only good stretch of time you have to get outdoors and take advantage of all those free activities nature provides. Over at Common Sense with Money (oh lordy, don’t […]

Your Lunch: Recycle This

As we all start packing our lunch and leaving the fancy sandwich and salad shop behind, why not save even more money by re-using every part of the package? We’ve shown you interesting and even more interesting examples of green lunch bags but now we’re going after the little guy – the disposable plastic snack […]

Pencils Made from Newspaper: Recycle This

We’ve found the perfect writing utensil to use with our tree-free journals — the tree-free pencil! O’Bon calls itself the home of the “world’s greenest pencil,” and although we don’t have the ability to examine every pencil company in the world, we’re really liking their products. Instead of the bland, yellow-ish pencils, they have multi-colored […]

How to Recycle Paper: Green Video

If you’re looking for a fun and eco-friendly project, why don’t you learn how to recycle paper? It’s not as hard as it sounds — you’ll need a a mortar and pestle (or another way to mash up shredded paper and water), water, a frame, a sieve, plastic sheets, and thumbtacks. You can send off […]

Saving Seeds: Budget Gardening Tip

How did your garden grow? Ours was hit or miss, but the hits were dynamite. Super juicy tomatoes just oozing with flavor, sugary sweet and gorgeous orangey pink peaches and tasty crisp sugar snap peas. To keep the good taste going, we’re canning and preserving our harvest the best we can before the first frost, […]

Irreplaceable Parts: Recycle This

Our friends at Treehugger recently presented us with a conundrum. How can you go green when your home is filled with items that cannot be repaired/cleaned/re-fashioned? This particular story centered on an outdoor gazebo bought at a big box store that was in need of a new fabric canopy. After two years of use (only […]