Frustration-Free Packaging: Go Green

We talk a lot about unnecessary packaging here; some say “harp” even. But apparently some of the big guys are listening. Aaron over at Babble pointed us in the direction of Amazon, which has just released a list of toys that will be frustration-free on Christmas morning. That’s right, the impossible to rip open plastics, […]

Green Thanksgiving Ideas: Recycle This

There are top five, top ten and top seven lists all over this interweb telling you how to green your T-day. We’ve sifted through and are recycling just for you, so you know how to be green while you get your eat on: TreeHugger – TreeHugger reminds us there is a reason root vegetables are […]

Home Maintenance: Go Green

One of our favorite places to land for budget tips is Being Frugal. So many times saving money = green since the world is better off the less energy, paper, non-recyclable things you don’t purchase. As our economy struggles to stay afloat and more and more are losing their houses, those of us that still […]

Read Green: Go Green

We all know how much online magazines rule. Some of the old guard still hang onto their “print only” mentality, but many more are getting with the green program. Zinio is helping the oldies come into the 21st century by creating the The Read Green Initiative wherein traditional print mags are made available online for […]

Poland Spring Eco-Shape Bottles: Recycle This

With everyone jumping on the green bandwagon there are going to be some bumps in the road. Luckily the clever people at Wired magazine are here to point out the folks who are giving green a bad name. In this month’s issue Eric Hagerman exposes some companies practicing greenwashing in his piece “Little Green Lies.” […]

Play Video Games: Go Green

Picture this: Evil polluters and ne’er do wells from neighboring lands are destroying their habitats – and yours is next. What’s an eco-warrior to do? Turn on the computer and kick some (online) butt! Check out the new green game for kids, Emerald Island. Sure your mother said that video games were for slackers and […]

Shop Green: Go Green

Say you’re in the mood to spend a load of money because, crisis schmisis. Even if you have the urge to splurge on all green appliances, check out before you hit your big box home store. Shop has a special green shop where they offer discounted dishwashers and window units while promoting push mowers […]

Because Excess Packaging Ruins Lives: Go Green

Every time you make the effort buy organic/local apples but they still come in those plastic packs, doesn’t that turn a good day, bad? Like, bad date bad? No? Well, you must not be this girl: Greenvoice is leading the charge to rid our world of all the plastic fillers, wrappers and bags that clutter […]

Circuit Board Clipboard: Recycle This

Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s how these Etsy members invented something that’s good for, well, Etsy members and craft fair types. The circuit board clipboard was imagined by Debby Arem Designs when looking around, realized a hard surface was needed to make a credit card imprint when people were picking up their […]