Five Great iPhone Applications to Help You Get Green

Looking for a way to make that iPhone you received for the holidays a little more green? Peruse our list of five great iPhone applications that will get you recycling, eating locally, tracking your carbon footprint and more. Who knew technology could be so Earth-friendly? 1. iRecycle –’s free app for iPhone and iPod […]

How to Start a Compost Heap

If your new year’s resolution includes getting started composting, we’re here to help! Composting not only turns organic trash into organism-rich soil, it also saves you money (no need to purchase that soil – or sell it to your lazier neighbors) and chores (we bet you can get down to putting out the trash every […]

Our Resolutions for Green Living for 2010

A New Year is upon us…which means, of course, time for resolutions. We’ve put a lot of thought into our lovely Earth this past year, and how making changes to our lifestyles can have a grander effect on the Earth’s health, our budget, and the simplicity of life that comes as a result. When thinking […]

Tips on Making This Year a Green Christmas

Holidays can pose a challenge to the environmentally-minded- disposable decorations, twinkly lights, and chopped down trees. It’s hard to get through the holidays (and find a parking spot at the mall) without having to feel eco-guilt on top of all that stress. So here’s a list with some easy green changes you can make this […]

How to Make a Natural All Purpose Cleaner

The desire to jump into making your own cleaners always starts with a moment: you’re cleaning the kitchen with your environmentally-friendly spray cleaner when you *gasp* reach the last spray. The kitchen is half cleaned and you have a perfectly good spray bottle ready to be recycled. You start to wonder if you could make […]

Five Things You Should Always Recycle

November 15 is America Recycles Day. You didn’t know there was a day for that? Oh, young recycler, we have so much knowledge to share with you! 2009 represents the 12th year of the nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled. In celebration, RecycleBank, a recycling rewards program currently servicing 24 states […]

How to Reuse an Old Ice Cream Container

One of the best things about recycling is you never have to say good bye.  Take ice cream, for instance.  Who wants to say good bye to ice cream?!?!  Instead of looking down into an empty carton streaked with brown and green sweetness, look forward to a sweet recycling opportunity. Here’s How: Clean the empty […]