Homemade Beauty Products: Go Green

Glass Set Pier 1

Everyone knows the old cucumbers on the eyes to reduce puffiness trick. But we’ll bet you’ve got the ingredients in your cupboards to do a whole spa treatment from home! Try out these recipes: 1. Make your own astringent: Start with an empty bottle (tip: use the astringent you have and when you run out, […]

Buying in Bulk: Go Green

Buying bulk is fun. You heard us, F-U-N. Of course it is environmentally responsible and budget-savvy as well, otherwise why would we be discussing it in the first place? How many times have you walked down that bulk aisle, past all those little goodies just beckoning you to grab a scoop? (Confessions: how many times […]

Glass Jars: Recycle This

Glass jars offer a great opportunity to recycle. Nothing excites us more than finishing a jar of jelly, a pint of pasta sauce, or a jar of salsa. When the jar is cleaned out, the fun is ready to begin! YEEHAW! Why the love of glass jars? Storage, of course. Why buy a piggy bank […]

Loving Your Laundry: Go Green

We’ve touted the benefits of homemade cleaning supplies before and promoted new gizmos that cut down on your laundry carbon footprint. But Susie J gets a lot more pleasure out of her time in the laundry room than we ever have — and she thinks you will be a “laundry day is the best day […]

Bartering: Recycle This

Like the days of yore, people are jumping on the bartering bandwagon to save money, resources and ultimately our fine planet. Whether you’re going big or looking to unload your iPod speakers in lieu of recycling them (and hoping to pick up a pair of Wolf Parade tickets in the process) Craigslist is the way […]

From China with Love: Go Green

The environment and China are locked in a symbiotic relationship, one we will all be involved in and be accountable for, to generations to come. The Olympics (way to go, Michael Phelps!) have highlighted something most people already know: the development of China in such a short period of time is having a profound effect […]

Leftover Paper: Recycle This

Be the envy of your friends at the party, and deliver your gift with presentation! Don’t let fancy stores have all the fun packing your gift for you; you can do it yourself with minimal effort and recyclable materials from around the house. This past weekend, we were preparing for a party. We had purchased […]

Yafa Pens: Recycle This

Sometimes the little things get overlooked in your daily recycling sort. Plastic bottles? Check. Coffee lids? Eh, maybe. While we would all love to be uber-green and create our own textile piles from unraveled sweater threads, the reality is some things get left behind. Like say, your used up Bic. And while you can take […]