Eco-Friendly Shopping

You really can afford to be environmentally conscious! Our Go Green on a Budget Guide gives you all the know-how you need to live right.

Five AWESOME Reusable Grocery Bags

Garden Party Bag 2

What: Cute and practical market bags. They’re everywhere and are great alternatives to the traditional grocery bag. The Lowdown: These reusable market bags are perfect for grocery shopping  and even better they carry your phone, your wallet, those adorable pictures of your kids, and more! Sturdy enough to carry your (organic) milk, fashionable enough to […]

Perk up Your Home with Pretty Flower Pots

IKEA Rope Look

I love plants.  I mean, I once rescued a “dying” hanging ivy my ex-boss tossed in the trash and now, three years later, I have four new plants from it.  However, I’m guilty of keeping plants in the flower pots they came with (often beige and plastic) or worse, my own glassware.  Seriously, a coffee mug filled with […]

Earth Day Must-Haves: Help Save the Planet & Your Skin with these 10 Earth-Friendly Skincare Finds


Ladies, Earth Day is upon us, which means increased awareness about beautifying and preserving the Earth.  This got us thinking: we’re always on the lookout for ways to beautify and preserve our skin, so hmmm, why not go for the best of both worlds?  Glowing skin is always in, and helping the Earth at the same […]

10 Eco Friendly Ways to Use & Reuse Toothpaste & ToothBrushes


It’s amazing how many uses you can find for everyday products you already have lying around the house.  Today’s post covers toothpaste – it’s not just for sparkly whites anymore! We’ve collected the following uses for toothpaste based on research, testing them ourselves, and forcing our friends to test them. We take the fact that […]

25 Things That Can be Recycled into Gift Wrapping

Every year when the holidays roll around, we’re reminded about the sheer amount of trees sacrificed for wrapping paper. Not to be all bah humbug, but there are plenty of creative means of wrapping gifts without having to spend money and the Earth’s resources on wrapping paper. Here are 25 such ideas (just to prove […]

Top 5 Ways to Green Your Style This Spring

What: Fashioning Change helps us green our fashion this spring with some eco-friendly tips. What They Say: “Green fashion is about being conscious of our connection between something we buy, the environment from which it came, and the people involved in the manufacturing process,” said Fashioning Change Founder and CEO Adriana Herrera.  “This Spring we’re happy […]

Post Superbowl Eco Tip- 10 Things To Do With Beer (Besides Drink It)

Most of us just pour our leftover beer down the sink. However, there are several useful (and eco-friendly) ways to put that unwanted beer to use. 10 Things to do with Beer (other than drink it): As an Organic Pest Killer. OK, it sounds morbid, but slugs are an organic gardener’s arch nemesis. Rather than […]

Five Great Sites that Help You Go Green on a Budget

Most people equate environmentally-friendly products with EXPENSIVE. Not true (well, not always, but that’s the same for any type of product, right?). The great thing about green is that oftentimes it can be equated with FREE, and how many products can claim that? Free…as in recycled, as in DIY, as in re-purposed, reused and environmentally-savvy. […]

How to Green Your Baby’s Nursery

Because babies spend so much of their new lives in the nursery (those little guys sleep for days when they’re brand new!), it’s important to provide as non-toxic an environment as possible. The Budget Ecoist’s tips on creating a natural nursery will help your baby get off to a good start. Walls: Don’t put off […]