Sponsored Post: 5 Stylish Ways to Approach Holiday Get-Togethers

Kmart Collage

‘Tis the season of obligatory office holiday parties and family reunions that most probably include Uncle Elliot and his one too many glasses of Pinot Noir.  Between spilled cups of eggnog and your chatty colleague Betsey’s water cooler gossip of Brad from accounting and Jenny the receptionist’s clandestine affair, it can be a jungle out […]

I Shop the Day Before Christmas – And I Love It! The Lowdown on Christmas Eve Shopping

Holiday Shopping

My habit of Christmas Eve shopping for presents began just as you can imagine why: procrastination, uncertainty, and “things to do.”  At first, my excuses seemed sound- I was living across the country and wanted to shop when I was at home so I wouldn’t have to pack the gifts or I was traveling for work so I […]

3 Dresses, 3 Sizes: Holiday Dresses for Women

3 Dresses 3 Sizes

‘Tis the season for parties and with that comes the massive need for dresses! I love all the parties but my closet sometimes feels a little empty when considering the task my calendar is presenting it. That’s why the holiday season is the time when finding a steal of a dress that’s just right for […]

6 Ways to Dress Cute this Winter

Dress Cute for Winter

Winter attire is not an easy circumstance for a gal who loves shorts and lives in sandals. Layering takes a lot of thought and attention, and when left to my own devices, ends up being an odd mix of mismatched sweaters and sweatshirts. But winter is too long to spend it marshmallow-shaped and bundled to […]

Holiday Parties: Match Your Drink to Your Dress

Matching Dresses and Drinks

Haven’t you always wondered what your cocktail order would look like if it morphed into a cocktail dress? No, me neither. But it was definitely fun to think about, since drinks and dresses sort of have their own intrinsic personalities, and matching them up made for some decently entertaining daydreaming. (Like, you know that craft […]

Buy Big or Shop Small? The Battle of Big Box Stores and Small Shops

Small Botiques

Big or not too big, that is the question. Where do you like to shop? The big box stores or your neighborhood’s one-of-a-kind boutiques? Coming from a family of small business owners I certainly support the small biz enterprise. But as a shopper, I certainly do my fair share of big box shopping as well. […]

RePost: I All Want for Christmas is an iPod Red Nano: Tobias Speaks

This post originally appeared on TBF on December 13, 2006. My name is Tobias and I’m trying to give better gifts. For a guy, the first step in better gift giving is to find out where that special person in your life falls on the gift giving bell curve. At one end of the curve […]

Style Network’s New Fashion Show with Rihanna & Past Looks From Fashion Reality T.V.


‘ Styled To Rock ‘ is is the name of the new fashion reality show on Style Network, with Rihanna as host and executive producer. Set to appear in the later part of 2013, the show will have Rihanna hand picking 12 up and coming designers who will compete to best style the guest celebrity […]