Cleavage & Skinny Jeans at Church? Look Sophisticated, Not Sinful, in These Church-Appropriate Styles

Church Appropriate Styles

Much as I love my sky-high heels and faded jeans, when it comes to attending church, I’m OK leaving them home.  For me, church-appropriate styles are about subtle, conservative pieces instead of ones that make me look like I’m praying for a new drink to appear on tonight’s menu.

How to Get a Summer Glow Before Beach Season Even Starts

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky. The unofficial start of summer is just a week away (!) and yet many of us are still walking around with wintery complexions. Fake baking is not the answer (for obvious reasons), and piling on the bronzer and self-tannerwill likely result in a too-dramatic and […]

Zippers with a Twist: Stand Out with These Fun Zipper Fashions

Zipper Fashion

Time to step out in style with great hair, awesome skin and zippers.  Wait.  Zippers?  What’s so unique about them?  They’re two strips of metal teeth that join stuff together. They keep jeans fitting right and prevent the world from seeing our undie color.  They keep pocketbooks closed. What could possibly wow us about an ordinary zipper?  Turns out, plenty.  Like […]

Where to Find Plus Size Tights

plus size tights

Dear Budget Fashionista: Hi! I’ve just started getting into “fashion” hose and tights in order to liven up my boring lawyer wardrobe. However, I have a few problems. First, I am plus size. Second, I live in a pretty un-trendy town, and I was wondering if you could suggest some online retailers for this type […]

7 Reasons Online Shopping is the Best Kind Of Shopping

Online Shopping

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky. Imagine this: you’re cozy by a fire with a nice blanket, a cup of tea or maybe even a cup of alcohol. It’s snowing outside and you can see the faintest flicker of lights in the distance. You’re currently living in a holiday card. What’s […]

Unusual Mothers Day Gifts that are Beautifully Floral-Inspired

John Frieda Collection

Don’t get us wrong — we absolutely adore giving (and receiving!) flowers.  But isn’t it safe to say that a pretty bouquet for Mothers’ Day isn’t the most inventive of gifts?   Sure, a pack of peonies is pure splendor.  And the sweet scent of long stem roses wafts wonderfully to our noses.  But we’d like […]