Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas on a Budget

Bachelorette Party Ideas

It’s here, and we’re in the dead middle of it: the season of groomzillas (Yes, they’re real), matching A-line dresses in petunia, and something old, borrowed, and blue.  It’s that time affectionately known as “wedding season,” and while we love open bars and our dearests finding their life partners, we don’t love the hefty bill […]

Banana Republic Debuts the Issa London Collection on 8/8

Issa London Dress

Who could forget the iconic blue wrap dress that then-commoner Kate Middleton donned for her engagement? It created a fashion frenzy overnight, and catapulted designer Issa London to global fame. And now, this dress (originally priced at $575) will be made available at Banana Republic for only $130, along with nearly 40 other pieces of […]

Embrace Your Inner Frenchie: French Fashion in Honor of Bastille Day!

Eiffel Tower Bastille Day

The 14th of July marks independence day in France, and was a gory beginning to the French Revolution marked by the storming of the Bastille prison (hence it’s name) and the release of its crazy prisoners. I love all things French so for me, the fourteenth is a day that I always eat at my […]

Flip In To Summer! 8 Beach to Date Footwear to Covet

uo sandals

In my summer style opinion, there is nothing more comfortable and fun than long days at the beach. When all you have to worry about is which bikini to wear and what time it was when you last applied sunscreen, fashion and living is easy. However, recently I’ve noted an issue with the “all-day” beach […]