Charmed, I’m Sure: 3 Reasons We Love Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani

For the past four years, it seems like Alex and Ani “bangles” have made their way to the wrists of college girls everywhere. At first, I was confused as to why all the ladies (and some extra-fashionable gentlemen) were donning the bracelets so regularly. Yeah, they were cute and not too expensive, but what else was so special […]

Women + Men: Equally High Maintenance

Woman Applying Makeup

Image via: Shutterstock We all know that woman.  The one who takes a small eternity to get ready.  The old sorority sister with marathon makeup sessions before a big date.  Your current roommate who budgets an hour before work to shower, prep her skin, etc, etc. But get this.  Most women aren’t that bad.  In fact, most […]

Rent the Runway 2.0: Plus-Size Division Launched

Rent the Runway

It’s about friggin’ time! Rent the Runway has launched a plus-size division, meaning stylish chicas can now rent dresses ranging from sizes 14-22.  Historically, the high end fashion industry hasn’t exactly been accommodating of the everyday woman, forgetting that the majority of us don’t fit into model sizes with the average American woman wearing a size […]

Blogger Roundup: Quilted Construction

Blake Vond

The quintessential textile for the cooling climate is as much about form as it is about function. When it comes time to layer up this season, we suggest taking a cue from your surroundings. Outerwear essentials have long incorporated quilted construction for insulation purposes, but this classic coat style has inspired far more than hunting […]

Fresh Faced for Fall 2013: 5 Beauty Trends to Try Now

Fall Beauty Trends

Whether you’re not quite letting go of your maxi dresses and wedge sandals, or you’ve already broken out your sweaters and leather, there’s no mistaking that it’s time to get in sync with the new season.  What holds up in hot and humid won’t work in the dipping temps, particularly with our beauty routines.

New York Fashion Week Nails: And the Trends Are…

NYFW Nail Trends

New York Fashion Week always makes us giddy.  We love eyeing up every detail right down to nail trends.  This past year saw us through all kinds of looks including magnetized swirl effects, nail art and even fuzzy nails.  But forward-thinking fashionistas need to know what’s in store for us come Spring/Summer 2014, right?

Perfect Scents: 5 Fall Body Mists to Buy Now

Pumpkin Mist Spray

Much as I like summer, I looove fall.   See, I like to wear fragrance.  Problem is, summer = bees = not so good when I step out smelling like a rosebush with legs.  Plus, layering the sweet mist on arms that already smell like SPF-30 doesn’t float my boat.  That’s why I give autumn’s cooler temps a welcome bow.