Blogger Roundup: Quilted Construction

Blake Vond

The quintessential textile for the cooling climate is as much about form as it is about function. When it comes time to layer up this season, we suggest taking a cue from your surroundings. Outerwear essentials have long incorporated quilted construction for insulation purposes, but this classic coat style has inspired far more than hunting […]

New York Fashion Week Nails: And the Trends Are…

NYFW Nail Trends

New York Fashion Week always makes us giddy.  We love eyeing up every detail right down to nail trends.  This past year saw us through all kinds of looks including magnetized swirl effects, nail art and even fuzzy nails.  But forward-thinking fashionistas need to know what’s in store for us come Spring/Summer 2014, right?

Perfect Scents: 5 Fall Body Mists to Buy Now

Pumpkin Mist Spray

Much as I like summer, I looove fall.   See, I like to wear fragrance.  Problem is, summer = bees = not so good when I step out smelling like a rosebush with legs.  Plus, layering the sweet mist on arms that already smell like SPF-30 doesn’t float my boat.  That’s why I give autumn’s cooler temps a welcome bow.

What Women Would Do For Youth

Beauty Mask

You spend your earlier years piling on the dark eye makeup in hopes of looking every bit of 21 on your “ID” picture as “Jane Smith.”  So, it’s funny how once you reach the ripe old age of your 21st birthday, you’re suddenly told “it’s all downhill.”

Blogger Roundup: Cap it Off

Jessy Dust

As we transition out of summer style (but continue to deal with the heat), it’s important to work in accessories that meet the needs of the changing seasons. The leather ball cap was one of the most prominent Fall 2013 trends, and given that the sun’s still a-shinin’, it’s a fitting choice for starting autumn […]