Haute Headgear: British Style on a Budget

It seems no one can stop talking about THAT hat Sarah Jessica Parker wore a couple of weeks ago to the Sex and the City Movie premiere in London. It was a Carrie Bradshaw moment, and in quintessential Carrie Bradshaw style, it left some onlookers cooing over British hat maker Phillip Treacy’s wonderful talent and […]

Purex Natural Elements: Product Review

It’s the weekend! And you know what that means…cleaning. You thought we were going to say something more exciting, perhaps? But no…it’s all about the chores this weekend. But cleaning can be fun when you’re trying to do it the eco way. (Remember our post on cleaning with lemons?) Eco is especially fun when you’re […]

Re-Upholstery : DIY

Photo credit: Shutterstock Before you get rid of that dining room chair or ottoman, try re-upholstering it first. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Our friends over at ThreadBanger.com, put together a great DIY video for all your re-upholstering neophytes out there. It is simple and they make it look so easy. They even […]

SATC Look for Less: Miranda

We have a soft spot for Miranda’s style because, out of all of the Sex and the City ladies, she’s the one who’s come the farthest, fashion-wise. She started off stiff and schlubby, and through the course of the show transformed into fashionista that all professional, high-powered women (and those aspiring to be) could get […]

Sex and the City Style: Reader Advice

This week at TBF is all about Sex and the City style—and whether you loved the show or not, you can’t deny the fashion impact it had (and with the new Sex and the City movie, will continue to have . . . ). We are picking our favorite SATC movie-inspired trends and style themes […]

Install a Showerhead: DIY

We discovered that our basement shower was wasting a lot of water. Our old shower head ran about 12.5 gallons a minute and could empty out our hot water heater in the time it takes to suds up and rinse down! So, in order to make our home more eco-friendly, budget friendly and more friendly […]

SATC Look for Less: Charlotte

Charlotte is the classic preppy good girl, stylewise—but that doesn’t mean her look isn’t also fun, flirty, and totally something we’d like to jack. We love this fresh floral going out look, which is amped up, fashionably speaking, by a black patent belt and some really hot snakeskin slingbacks. Here are the pieces you need […]