This Just In: Sequel to Sex and the City in the Works

What: Plans for a second Sex and the City movie are in early development, according to Entertainment Weekly. Discussions have begun, but there are no concrete deals nor a script. What We Say: The characters’ lives wrapped up perfectly in the first movie that we didn’t realize a sequel was even a possibility. We’re excited. […]

Makeshift Table Under $35: The Look for Less

Usually the cheapest furniture sources include the thrift store or Craigslist. The major downside is that it can be very time-consuming trying to find something that’s presentable and will also match your style. Not everyone wants to go the secondhand route, but there is a way, however, to have a little more control in your […]

Lindsay Lohan: Look for Less

Er, due to extreme overexposure, Lindsay Lohan is not our typical first choice for a look for less feature; however, having recently witnessed many, many women marking the Fourth of July holiday by dressing up as their very own version of the American flag, we zeroed in on this particular look as a way to […]

Rachael Ray: Look For Less

People seem to either love or hate Rachael Ray. All in all, we think she’s a smart and savvy businesswoman who’s managed to make herself a household name without being a tabloid trash queen, so we’re giving her some love. Her style has never been what we’d call stand-out (at the moment, we can’t recall […]

High vs. Low: Summer Party Dress

We absolutely love summer style, and one of our favorite pieces is the summer party dress. For many, summer is the ideal party season with reasons to celebrate constantly around the corner. As your invitations to clam bakes, barbecues and dances pile up, one thing you won’t have to worry about is what to wear. […]

You Deserve: Green Fashion

You know the story: Young co-eds meet at UC Berkeley, fall in love with green fashion, but are devastated when they realize organic style is scarce; and darned expensive. But these ladies weren’t going to let “the man” destroy their dreams, and many post-grad years later founded You Deserve – the online home to affordable […]