Twelve By Twelve: Forever 21 Launches Higher-End Line that’s Actually Good

This past June, I wrote about the launch of Forever 21’s “higher-end” collection called Twelve by Twelve. Well the line is now up and running at and it’s not bad… not bad at all. In fact, I like it. While the selection is as limited as the sizing, you can tell that there was […]

Kathryn Chats with Laura Bryna Country Western Superstar

Today I chat with beautiful country western “supastar”,Laura Bryna. who gives me tips on rocking rhinestones, the power of good thick socks, and what it’s like to be friends with Roberto Cavalli (I imagine it involves lots of leopard printed silk). Besides being amazingly cool (listen to the interview and you’ll see), she’s also a […]

Plus size at Prada?

What: Prada featured a “plus size” (who was more “average” sized than plus) on the runway during Milan’s fashion week What the fashion heads say: From The Daily Telegraph: The back-to-nature collection was apparently inspired by the German art nouveau movement, in which straight lines were eschewed in favour of a more rounded look. What […]