Kate Hudson: Look for Less

Hippy boho chic seems to be Kate Hudson’s signature look most days (which, quite frankly, doesn’t look too hard to do on the cheap), but when she brings her style A game—like this sophisticated sheath dress in refreshing summer white—we suddenly want to be her. (Well, we usually want to be her, but we digress […]

Clear Clutter for Clean Water: Do Good

In this ever-increasing eco-conscious world we live, water is on the tip of everybody’s tongues. America is facing major crises with floods in some regions, hundreds of wild fires in others, and droughts throughout. As horrible as all of that may sound, the majority of us can all still go to our faucet (because we […]

Style Icons for Men: See Jack Shop

Check out some potential style icons for the men in your life via See Jack Shop! —Janko Tipsarevic . This tennis pro’s style makes him ten times more appealing in our eyes (his smile doesn’t hurt either). He pairs a linen shirt with cotton shorts. It’s a look reminiscent of, well, pajamas, but worn with […]

Best Dresses on a Budget: Reader Advice

Since spring, dresses have been back with a white hot vengeance, which we’re still totally happy about. But here’s the hitch—dresses are the kind of item that, since you can’t mix and match to change it up too much, are somewhat limited in terms of cost-effectiveness. This doesn’t mean don’t buy ‘em—it just means shop […]

Express.com: Their Take on the Trends

Only recently has Express.com jumped on the “online shopping” bandwagon. For as long as we can remember, we all had to get to our local mall to shop at Express. Okay, so they are in practically every mall, but we were never able to pre-shop from the Web. In honor of Express’s discovery that, hey, […]

How to Make Customized Napkins

There are so many good reasons to use cloth napkins – they’re a more environmentally friendly choice than paper, and make even a takeout meal seem just a touch more elegant. We like the clean look of plain, solid-colored napkins, but they can be a little boring. We took a set of inexpensive, plain white […]

Hulalagirls.com: Gaming for a Green Planet

Tired of the same old video and computer games? Wanting to do something with your brain other than numb it? Hulalagirls.com just may be your answer. Hulalagirls.com allows you to play online games – starring princesses of the sea, earth and sky – that raise environmental awareness. Hulalagirls is dedicated to conserving and protecting nature […]