Warehouse Sale @ Nau in NYC: Green Fashion

In anticipation of a 2009 Nau store opening in New York City, the company is hosting a warehouse sale of their exquisitely designed outdoor and urban lifestyle products for both men and women from their Fall/Winter collection at 40%-75% off the retail price. In keeping with Nau’s unique Partners For Change program, 5% of every […]

What to Buy Fall 2008: Feathers, Fringe and Fur

Feathers, fringe and fur will still have a place in your wardrobe in the form of accessory and embellishment come fall 2008. Some pieces that are priced right to pick up now, and save for later . . . Plumage Feather Necklace, $29, Urban Outfitters Feathered Drop-Waisted Tunic, $39, Twelve by Twelve Knitted Multi-Fur Vest, […]

Fall Fashion 2008: Wide Leg Trousers

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” Wide leg pants remained a force on the runway for Fall 2008, and the good news is there are plenty of styles on sale now—pick some up and stash them until September . . .   INC Petite Wide Leg Pants,  on sale for $56.25, Macy’s Sele Wide […]

Primary Colors: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Crayola crayons may just have inspired this season’s latest trend in makeup colors. What the experts say: The March 2008 issue of In Style magazine makes a cute word play about “winning the primaries’ when it comes to the trend of wearing bold hues like yellow, red and royal blue cosmetics: Says N.Y.C. makeup […]

Best Handbags on a Budget: Reader Advice

Even the most commited of budget fashionistas knows that if you’re going to splurge on anything, a classic, quality handbag is the thing to buy (we like to call it an investment). However, we also know that when it comes to having fun with trends, inexpensive handbags can be just as great. Our handbag go-to […]

Gettin’ Cheeky: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Accentuated cheekbones are the new lips. What the experts say: In a recent Los Angeles Times article, plastic surgeons went on record stating that more and more women patients are requesting to inflate, not their lips, but their cheeks: “What’s happening now is that people are focusing on more than just the obvious areas […]

Beautiful Art and Custom Framing for Less: The Look for Less

Okay, we’re snobs. When someone talks about a print, we automatically think of Starry Night posters and that lousy Dogs Playing Poker. But, we can’t really afford Andy Warhol originals. So, we’re left with mirrors and bare walls. But recently, we stumbled across Art.com and while, yes, they do have Starry Night, they also have […]

Best Foundation on a Budget: Reader Advice

Getting the perfect foundation is a tricky thing—the right finish, the right color. Oh, and we’d like to maintain moisture—but not too much. And make it last, while you’re at it. It’s a lot to pack into one little product. We have faith, however, that you can find a great foundation for less—Angela’s kind of […]

Coral Lips: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Seems like your Grandma does know a thing or two about makeup. Coral “which was once a lipstick no no” is now a lipstick go-to. What the experts say: In a recent edition of People magazine, celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green tells readers just how to wear the most typically shunned shade: Once you’ve […]