Re: Usable Home: The Look for Less

The best part about being eco-friendly is that it saves you money. Because cutting down on waste means cutting down on buying unnecessary items. And if you are looking for places to save some money, identify your biggest source of waste: paper towels, Ziploc bags, etc. These are the best places to use reusable items. […]

Netflix DVD Rentals. NO LATE FEES; Free Shipping & Try for FREE!: Daily Deal

The Deal: Netflix DVD Rentals. NO LATE FEES; Free Shipping. Try for FREE! The Lowdown: If you’re still not a Netflix subscriber, now is the time to catch the latest deal with a free trial offer! Skip the disappointment of disappearing titles at the video store, and line up your favorites online for quick home delivery. You’ll have your DVDs in a few days, and […]

Lucky Essentials: Adventures in Home Shopping

Perusing the Home Shopping Network and not sure where to start? Click on over to Lucky Essentials, where Lucky editors have picked some of the season’s essentials for your consideration, including this Hot in Hollywood French Bliss necklace, which we think could be the kind of piece that can take your budget basics from just […]

Over-Exfoliating: Beauty Trend

What: With so many facial scrubs and micro-dermabrasion gizmos on the market, more people are becoming victims of over-exfoliation. The Word: In the March 2008 issue of Oprah magazine, Ava Shamben, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, says a lot of us are getting too much of a good thing: When you over-exfoliate, […]

Easter Tree: DIY

Even though the trees aren’t blooming outside, they can bloom inside with an Easter tree. Easter trees are a simple decoration that you can make in 15 minutes or less and they will wow your guests and keep your kids entertained for hours. The best part: You don’t have to buy anything. Everything you need […]

Best Workwear on a Budget: Reader Advice

For the working fashionista, figuring out where to get appropriate workwear that doesn’t make you feel a) like Jane Fonda in “9 to 5” and b) like you’re working just to support your work wardrobe, is a challenge. For us, Target has become a place for some cheap chic work basics (though we’ll be mourning […]

Easter Topiary: DIY

Here is how to create your own edible topiary for Easter (and it would make great wedding and shower decorations too!) 1 one-foot wooden dowel 1 6-inch foam ball 1 hot glue gun and sticks 1 8-inch wide terra cotta pot (should be heavy) Plaster of Paris or sturdy craft foam Cardboard Paint Several bags […]

Supplemental Beauty: Beauty Trend

What: More cosmetic companies are now offering to beautify your hair, nails and skin, not with potions and lotions, but with vitamin and supplement pills. The Word: In the March 2008 issue of Marie Claire, MC editors tested out several pills to see if they reaped any rewards. Here is the MC editors’ verdict after […]

A Big Tease: Beauty Trend

What: The next time your mother calls your hair a rat’s nest, tell her it’s en vogue. The Word: According to, Mason Pearson brushes and flat irons were replaced with pick combs at the recent runway shows of Marc Jacobs and Rag & Bone: “You could almost hear a chorus of  ‘We love you, […]