The Under $50 Outfit

A dress can be a great extreme budget option, because it’s a full outfit and can be had for super low prices at places like our favorite budget shopping haunt, Target. All you do then is mix it up with different shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves, jackets, etc. to make it a versatile wardrobe expansion. Here’s […]

Sleek Frames: Look for Less

We admit we were excited about the release of “Sex and the City: The Movie” DVD, but it’s not for the reason you’d think. While everyone else has been smitten by the clothes (and they were beautiful, right?) or have been taken aback by the color of Carrie’s bedroom walls (according to production designer Jeremy […]

Sarah Palin Shoes: The Look For Less

What: Sarah Palin’s shoes, for less of course What We Say: Whatever your politics may be—and we’re not taking sides here—you gotta admit that Sarah Palin’s footwear choices are frequently super hot. So, in the name of equal opportunity fashion, we figured we’d give you the lowdown on how to get her shoes for less. […]

Fashion Finds $10 and Under

In the name of extreme budget shopping (yes, we’re cashing in the coins in our change jar, too), we’ve been on the lookout for extreme fashion savings, meaning fun pieces you can pick up to suppliment your wardrobe and put a smile on your face at the same time, without spending more than a 10-spot […]

Houston Combatting Global Warming: Green News

Back in August, we reported that Houston was lagging in the recycling effort. We admonished them, and apparently they listened. They’re trying to make an effort to combat global warming instead, and although we’d like them to improve their recycling programs, this is a great start. The Houston Chronicle reports that their goal is to […]

Life Insurance and Wills: Personal Finance Advice

source Do you have life insurance? If you’re single, or you don’t have any kids, or you don’t work, there is a good chance that you have talked yourself out of needing life insurance because you figure that nobody will find themselves in financial trouble if you die. Most people should have life insurance, regardless […]

Sigerson Morrison Shoes Now Online at

What: Sigerson Morrison shoes now online at The Lowdown: Last month, we reported that the next big designer footwear line for Target from Sigerson Morrison was on its way, and those styles on now online. Boasting not-for-the-meek color, sparkle, and shine, the collection is just in time to get us ready (on a budget) […]

Jonathan Saunders Available in Target Now

What: Jonathan Saunders’ GO International Collection, now available at Target What We Say: In September we gave you a first look at the Jonathan Saunders GO International line at Target, and now the collection is available to shoppers. We’ve done a little online perusing, and found the offerings to be more wearer-friendly than we’d originally […]

Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast Series: Kim France and Andrea Linett, Lucky Magazine

Today on the Shoptalk Fashion and Lifestyle Podcast Series, I chat with Lucky Magazine’s Kim France and Andrea Linett regarding their new book, The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. Knowing what works for you is more important than any designer label and even more important in hard economic times.  The book provides the essentials: […]

Women’s Belts as a Budget

What: The hottest looks in belts for fall? Think statement—meaning big, bold, embellishment, metallic, color. What We Say: Belts are one of our favorite budget ways to update the wardrobe without borrowing from our 401k (and these days, there’s not much there to borrow). It’s an item you don’t have to spend a fortune on, […]