Splurging: Personal Finance Advice

Splurging happens. You might have the best intentions of getting your debt paid down or building up your savings account to respectable levels, but every once in a while – if you’re human – you get the impulse to splurge on something that you may not need but you would sure like to have. You […]

Sex and the City Movie Fashion Trend: The Belt

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” From all the movie stills making the rounds, the Sex and the City ladies seem to be all about the waist-cinching belt, which makes perfect sense considering they’ve got the figures for it. Truly, though, belts are great for creating a little hourglass action on any body type. […]

Pendant Lampshade:DIY

Nothing ruins a room more than an ugly light fixture. But often, finding the right light to add illumination and style to your room can be hard and expensive. Pendant lighting can easily bring a splash of color and an influx of character into any room. To get this great look on a budget, try […]

Fashion Trend: Nautical

As summer approaches, it seems that the perennial nautical “trend” is once again making the rounds. Sea-worthy colors and details are all over, and even if a Cosmo on board a 100’ yacht is nowhere in the near future for you, you can still indulge style-wise. Red, white and blue are the colors to consider […]

The Black Tank: High Vs. Low

There’s almost nothing as versatile in the summer as a black tank top—it goes with jeans, shorts, skirts, flip flops, flats, heels, and can be accessorized in so many ways that it almost boggles our budget fashion sensibilities. But as useful as it is, is the black tank worth sinking a bunch of cash into? […]

Chalkboard Napkin Rings: DIY

We love the MOMA store; unfortunately, it is often outside of our price range. So, when we saw these fabulous chalkboard napkin rings for $65 for a set of four, we thought, “We can totally make those ourselves!” And so we did. Here is how you can too. Materials Buy some plain wooden napkin rings […]

Clean Jeans: Green Fashion

Finding jeans that fit the budget and the hips isn’t a task for the weak of stomach. After blazing through racks and racks of skinny jeans with gasp-worthy price tags, it’s all too easy to flee to Cold Stone for a refreshing ice cream cone instead. Throw in a responsible desire for organic cotton, and […]

How to Get a Lower Interest Rate

If you have credit cards, chances are you’re paying interest on the balances you carry. Unless your wallet is packed with cards that are still in the introductory period of no interest, odds are also good that you might be paying too much for interest. After all, if you stay on top of your payments […]