News Alert: $10,000 Jeans

The Word: Key Closet, an exclusive and innovative design company founded in 2006, has created the latest in sartorial decadence—a pair of jeans made of handcrafted denim, Swarovski crystals, a few diamonds, handrawn designs and white gold buttons. They cost $10,000 and will be premiered on June 26 at a fashion show in LA. Click […]

Fashion Gone Stupid: The World’s Most Expensive Handbag

GinzaTanaka, the Japanese jewelry firm who created the world’s most expensive handbag last year, is finally putting the handbag up for sale for one very stupid lucky buyer. The 1.63 million dollar 1.9 million dollar bag, currently on display in London for its Jewelry Week, is made of pure platinum and 2,182 diamonds totaling 208 […]

Mirrored Accessories Under $30: The Look for Less

No longer necessary objects for the vain, mirrors can be used in countless ways to enhance your décor, whether used as looking glasses or as they appear on home accessories themselves. Because mirrors reflect light, they can make a room feel larger; they also can be used to reflect interesting details of your space. We’ve […]

Fashion Trend: The Romper

“SOME PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” The Trend: Apparently, at ShopBop (which we still love, by the way) they are craving rompers. What We Say: Rompers. We mean, seriously? Make no mistake — we are sooooooo not craving them. At all. It’s a garment that reminds us of being 8 years old and riding […]

Hi vs. Low London:  Melissa Obadash, Cowboy Hats and Mary J. Blige

Kathryn reports directly from Europe for the next few weeks. Her goal? To see if one can truly budget shop in Europe. She’s pretty skeptical. This is my last day in London and I’ve found myself speaking with that fake “you’ve-spent-a-minute-in-London-now-you-think-your-British” accent that tends to happen to Americans when we go to the “motherland” (think: […]