Quiz: What Your Holiday Activities Say about your Style

Winter holiday style quiz

Holiday festivities are in full swing, but let’s take a well-deserved break for a holiday style quiz.   It’s lighthearted and fun, so why not?  Pause from all that wrapping, meal planning and centerpiece arranging and ask yourself 5 questions to determine what your holiday activities say about your style. Are you more inclined to sit by the fire or are you itching […]

Top Winter Fashion Trends For Less

Festive Maxi Tank Dress

If there is one season wherein functionality and fashion must not be mutually exclusive, it has got to be the winter. So from boots to scarves, to jackets, we take a look at five of the top winter fashion trends,plus how to pull them off without spending your entire holiday pay on it.

How to Dress Like a Scandal Gladiator

Olivia Pope Style

Clothes are not necessarily what make a woman, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Finally, strong independent women unite in the obsession for Olivia Pope and her fierce, beautiful, and powerful wardrobe. Recently, I’ve decided that I want to dress like the stars of Scandal—here is how you can, too.

Follow the Sun! Budget Travel Winter Sun Guide

Winter Travel

If winter has you feeling down, then just skip it! While one half of the world is in boots and coats, there is a whole other side that’s starting to pull out sandals and shorts—and you don’t have to miss out! Here are ways you can travel this holiday, enjoy an extended summer, and still […]

5 Great Winter Fashion Trends You’ll Want to Wear

Kissell Plaid Coat

We realize there’s a certain amount of pressure in putting together a winter outfit.  It must make sense in the season; feel comfortable on our skin.  And it can never ever sacrifice style!  But when bulky fabrics and loads of layering are part of the plan, it’s not always easy to maintain a streamlined look.

Style for Less: Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope

If I could, I’ d look like Olivia Pope every day. Like for most women recently, Olivia Pope has really caught my eye. Aside from the fact that she is beautiful, confident, and unforgettable—I’m totally coveting her wardrobe. But instead of spending big bucks on one piece in an attempt to dress like Olivia Pope […]