True Confessions: I Wear Headwraps Because I am too Busy to Comb My Hair

Kathryn Headwrap

People always ask me about my headwraps —how cool they are, why do I wear them so much. Now, I could do a super long explanation of how I spent over 3 years living in Western and Southern Africa and how it is an homage to all the wonderful Aunties and Sisters that I met there… […]

9 Graphic Sweatshirts To Upgrade Your Casual Weekend Wear

Graphic Sweatshirt

We were so thrilled when sporty chic first introduced itself on the runway.  Finally, we could feel good in our loosely-fitting-slouchy pieces without sacrificing any hard earned fashionista points. When we learned that this comfy trend would be sticking around in 2014, we knew it was time to up our game. Here are nine graphic sweatshirts […]

What’s Cookin’? Stylish Aprons!


New sweater?  Great!  Olive oil smudges on it?  Not so great.  The fix to keeping stylish outfits stylish while whipping something up in the kitchen?  Awesome aprons, of course! Whether we’re hosting a ladies’ night in or getting all Rachael Ray for a mega bash, stylish aprons can be just the thing to protect our outfits and keep us looking […]

Let’s Jam in Women’s Pajamas

Featured image

There’s no doubt more frigid temperatures and snow storms are still ahead in the New Year, and what better way to shake off the chills than with cuddly pajamas covering all extremities. However, it seems I missed the memo that women’s pajama sets, on average, were selling upward of $50. To see a pair of women’s pajamas selling for $78 […]

The Way Famous People Do Winter and Where To Get the Budget Copy!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Even the famous get cold–how they stay chic while cold is what we’re interested in. If you’ve ever left your house wrapped in five layers and feeling more Sherpa than chic, you know cold weather wear can be challenging. Basics are obvious: leggings, long sleeved form fitting tops for layering, thick socks and great boots […]