Feraud, Louis

Feraud, Louis Pronunciation: Loo-wee Feh-roh French fashion designer Louis Feraud creates sophisticated suits and tailored dresses that err a bit on the traditional side (think Ladies Who Lunch). Feraud started his couture career in 1950 when he opened a couture boutique in Cannes. An instant hit, Feraud made a name for dressing celebrities such as […]

Ferragamo, Salvatore

Ferragamo, Salvatore Pronunciation: Sal- va- tor Ferr-A-ga-mo The King of footwear, Salvatore Ferragamo, has been providing the elite with luxury consumer goods for years. Launching his career in ever-so-wonderful Hollywood, his designs were initially utilized in film productions, like the ruby red slippers he created for Dorothy in the 1939 version of the “Wizard of […]

Ferre, Gianfranco

Ferre, Gianfranco Pronunciation: Gee-an-fran-ko Ferr-ay Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre is not one to follow trends. A former architect, Ferre’s designs are heavily influenced by the form and structure of garments from Asian countries like India. This designer also produces a very high end plus size line. Ferre, Gianfranco – Photo Credit: gianfrancoferre.com

Ferretti, Alberta

Ferretti, Alberta Pronunciation: Al-bur-ta-fer-re-tee The ‘Queen of Chiffon’ opened up shop at the tender age of 18 in Cattolica, Italy and there was no looking back. Ferretti started her line in 1980 and created a name for herself with her free-flowing and feminine designs. The designer is famous for turning her staple materials—chiffon, draped georgette, […]

Fetherston, Erin

Fetherston, Erin Pronunciation: Air-ren Feth-err-ston American designer Erin Fetherston is known for designing super feminine clothes that are playful and whimsy. A product of UC Berkeley and Parson’s School of Design Paris, Fetherston started her own label in 2004, offering modern dresses with traditional trims like ruffles, satin and bows. Fetherston’s clothes are worn by […]

Galliano, John

Galliano, John Pronunciation: Gall-lee-a-no Imaginative and creative, John Galliano’s designs are deeply rooted in history. Almost all of his collections have a strong link to a particular period in history and are often on the cutting edge of fashion (he reintroduced crinoline in the 1990s). The British fashion designer was appointed designer of Givenchy in […]


Givenchy Pronunciation: Gee-von-she Best known as the man who dressed Audrey Hepburn, Hubert de Givenchy combined elegance and classicism to all of his designs. Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and you’ll understand this design house. In 1954, Givenchy was the first designer to create a luxury collection of women’s ready-to-wear. Former heads include […]