Girlshop Moves Offline

It seems that everyone is trying to follow’s recent foray into the offline shopping territory. The ever popular online shopping store, Girlshop, has just opened a store in the meatpacking district. I’ve yet to check it out, but I imagine it is filled with goodies from Amy Chan and Lotta—perfect for the “subversive socialite” […]

More Budget Fashion Tips

Everyone knows I dish budget tips and fashion advice for those of us without trust funds (or those with trust funds they can’t access yet).  However, my life as stylist, fashion editor, and general feel-good Fashionista has taught more than how to score the latest trends for cheap. I’ve learned tasty bits of wisdom like […]

It’s Good to Be You!

Once in a while a get an email about a new site/store that is actually cool. Good To Be You is one the best sites I have been to in recent months. They actually took time out to design a pleasant intro page and their stock doesn’t look like something made in a 7th grade […]

Portland Picks: Northwest Style

I subscribe to about a billion different e-mail newsletters. However there are few I actually read. One is Portland Picks, an e-mail newsletter written by a group of stylish women in Portland, OR. Even though I live on the other coast, I find their newsletter to be a great source on Northwest style. While reading […]

New York City Tax Free Week

In an effort to get you to spend money during the post Christmas shopping lull, NYC’s Tax-free week starts today. Through Feb 6th, no tax will be charged on clothing and footwear for items under $110. My advice is to stay and home and put that $110 dollars towards paying off the money you charged […]

My Spring Fashion Picks

Hands down spring is my favorite time of year—influenced greatly by the fact that my birthday falls right in the middle of this glorious season. Besides my birthday (April 5th—well wishes and gifts are accepted), spring is also when fashion sheds its wool covered skin, and exposes it vibrant, silk drenched self. During spring, a […]

New York City’s Garment District is My Friend

source Today is perhaps the worst day to shop—but being the Budget Fashionista I was at the stores. Skipping over the ridiculously long lines at the Mall, I headed to the garment district in NYC with my Mom and Mother-in-Law in tow. Being fashionistas from the midwest (Minnesota and Michigan, respectively), they were eager to […]