LA Sample Sales and Sale Events

Below is a monthly listing of some of the top sample sale and sale events in the Los Angeles area culled from our sales database. These dates aren’t “firm”, so don’t go planning a vacation to Hollywood based upon this list. Use this list as a shopping guide and then contact the designer/merchant for updated […]

New York Post: Wal-Mart Vogues into Mag

By HOLLY M. SANDERS New York Post August 24, 2005— Vogue is mixing mass with class in its glossy pages. The magazine is running ads for huge discount retailer Wal-Mart alongside upscale designers such as Gucci , Oscar de la Renta and Roberto Cavalli. The Wal-Mart ads are the latest sign that Vogue is lowering […]

Fashion from Victoria’s Secret

Lately, there has been alot of buzz about Victoria’s Secret and it has nothing to do with underwear. The mall-based company, known for its affordable lingerie, has started to really promote its somewhat affordable clothing and shoe lines, as well as the lines of other designers like J.Lo, carried on their site and in their […]

Don’t Sleep on Talbots

In a desperate attempt to find some “television ready” outfits for less than the cost of my college education, I headed to my local mall.  After hitting all the usual suspects and finding absolutely nothing—I headed to the Talbots. Now, I wouldn’t describe the store as “trendy” or “hip” or, at $150 bucks for a […] Online Clothing Swap Site

I’m the queen of buyer’s remorse, which is why I have a closet full of crap I just don’t need.  Luckily, I can swap out these items using sites like For a small yearly membership fee ($9.95), you can “swap” unwanted clothing from your closet with other fashion lovers. You can also sell/buy items […]

Hot Site: Built By Wendy

I’ve been a big fan of the line Built by Wendy (BBW) for over 3 years. Wholly original, Wendy Mullin’s collection is sort of like Annie Oakley meets Internet Chic—comfortable, causal clothing with a bit of western flare. If jeans are your thing, then her site is a must visit, featuring updated vintage and contemporary […]