Sandals for Small Feet

The Deal: Cute sandals for those with small feet at Endless-Plus Free Shipping and Free Returns. The Lowdown: Big footed fashionistas, think you have a problem? Try finding trendy, adult, sandals in a size 5 and on a budget (it’s hard, we know). So we were super excited to get the scoop on Piperlime’s (the […]

Super Fast Fashion for Under $20 at XOXO

The Deal: Save up to 65% at XOXO and fine great deals for under $20. The Lowdown: Most of us know the brand XOXO from their Coach “inspired” printed handbags (you know the shocking pink handbags with “XOXO” printed all over ala Coach). While, it’s hard to “fake the funk” with an XOXO handbag, you […]

Sandals for Those With Large Feet

The Deal: Shop Zappos for Clearance Shoes & Clothing! The Lowdown:Big footed sisters you’re not alone in the world of shoes. Paris Hilton wears a size 11. Most models wear a size 11 (some a 12). According to an article in the online magazine Slate, 41s and 42s are two of the best selling sizes […]