Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses (on a Budget)

Many of the most timeless, elegant brides of yesterday and today have chosen long sleeved dresses for their big day, including many royals. If you want to look like a princess on your wedding day, you can make up for the lack of parades, celebrity guests and carriage rides past thousands of cheering fans… with […]

Site I Like: Coco Myles

So you’re watching Joan Rivers and her clone/daughter Melissa, interview celebrities on the red carpet. Celeb after celeb parades down the red carpet wearing the most fabulous dresses you’ve ever seen You say to yourself “Gee, it would be great to be able to rock that Mila Kunis dress, but I’m broke Lucky for you, […]

How to Find Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Getting chosen by a friend to serve as one of her bridesmaids is exciting…. in theory. The parties and showers, the shopping, the photos– all of this is a blast. But then reality sets in when said bridesmaid realizes she’s got to buy a dress, and not just any dress, a possibly unflattering (read: frumpy) […]

Six Awesome Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses to Scare Your Mom For Under $50

Not feeling the traditional white wedding gown? Does the thought of a wedding dress from David’s Bridal gives you hives? Well we’ve got you covered, with our picks for six non-traditional wedding dresses, all for under $50. While laws might restrict certain types of marriage, fortunately, there’s no restriction on the type of wedding dress […]

Vera Wang For David’s Bridals

What: Shut the front door. Vera Wang is coming to Davids Bridal. Nope, there’s no mistake, you’re reading this right. The queen of bridal gowns is set to launch her own line under a new name next spring. According to WWD: Wang’s offerings will run from $600 to $1500, with most under $1200, and will, […]