Cheap, But Not Tacky Valentine’s Day Gifts: Other People’s Love Letters, $15

Other People’s Love Letters, $15, Filled with highly personal anonymous letters—from the brokenhearted, the “I’m-just-not-into-you” speech writers and swoony new-love victims—the addictively engaging Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See by Bill Shapiro is guaranteed to make grouchy valentines smile.

Cheap but Not Tacky Valentine’s Day Gift: His and Hers Flower Vases, $6.95

Un Homme/ Une Femme Vases, $6.95, These vases are so adorable, they don’t even need flowers, though at this price, you can afford to add some and still stay within your budget… or to buy a set for yourself.

Cheap but Not Tacky Valentine’s Day Gift: Philosophy Sweet on You Set, $25

Philosophy Sweet on You Set, $25, Sephora This is the perfect v-day alternative to the standard perfume-soap set. This sweet trio smells like candy, but lacks the calories. The set, by TBF fav Philosophy, includes shampoo, shower gel/ bubble bath, body lotion and a high-shine lip gloss.

Cheap but Not Tacky Valentine’s Day Gift: Clearly Lovely Soapy Pop, $7.99

Clearly Lovely Soapy Pop, $7.99, Soapy Love Looking for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day Gift? Try these soaps, scented with a sweet raspberry scent and sparkling with a touch of glitter, these are the most adorable soaps we’ve ever seen. Each is infused with coconut oil, soy and fragrance oils, which makes your skin […]

Kitsch Hip Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

There’s no better way to break out of a winter wardrobe rut than to add a little kitsch – borderline tacky, but somehow adorable pieces – into your daily look. Now, we’re not saying have your Aunt Edna crochet you an orange acrylic poncho or to wear a Care Bears t-shirt to the office, but […]

What to Do with Your Tree After the Holidays

The holidays are over and if you’ve purchased a fresh Christmas tree, you are probably left with an abundance of needles sprinkled about your floor, and a burning desire to get your furniture moved back into place. Christmas Tree Disposal and Recycling Tips Getting your tree out of the house as soon as possible may […]

10 Things You Can Do with Gift Wrapping, When the Holidays are Over

So we gave you some great tips on things that could be recycled into gift wrapping, but what do you do with all the wrapping you’ve received from others? Most wrapping paper isn’t able to be recycled because of dyes and various fibers added to the paper. Rather than tossing it out, you might be […]

How to Make Slip Covers For Pillows

Pillows are a comfortable accent piece that can unite a room or give your space a quick face lift by bringing in fresh colors and patterns to your room. If you sew, sewing slipcovers for your pillows is a simple process that only involves scissors, your machine and fabric. But if you don’t sew, or […]

Designer Laptop Covers and Bags For Under $50

An awesome laptop cover or laptop bag is the perfect gift for that “hard-to-shop-for” person because a) most people have a laptop and b) those that have a laptop need to a cover/bag to protect it (carrying it in your purse without protection is not cool). We scoured the web to find stylish (and designer) […]