TBF’s Complete Condensed Guide to Combating Adult Acne

Clear Skin

Many people suffer with acne in their teen years and muddle through, looking forward to the days of adulthood when we no longer have to worry about pimples. WRONG! It can be a shock to realize that acne problems can persist or even begin in adulthood. When looking into ending skin lumps and bumps, the […]

E.L.F Cosmetics: Yes or No?


You know we’re always on the hunt for a bargain, and e.l.f. cosmetics certainly fits under that category. If you’re out of the loop, e.l.f. is a makeup company that sells products through their online store and at local chains and drugstores. Some of their makeup products are in the $1 range with a few […]

Beauty Icon: Halle Berry

Halle Berry

This post is part of a series as The Budget Fashionista and its sister site, Mighty Beauty, pay tribute and celebrate Black History Month this February. Halle Berry has been a beauty icon for decades, representing African American beauty in modeling campaigns, cosmetic commercials, and on the big screen. Even after two very public divorces […]

Style Icon: Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

When we think of Black Hollywood of old, Dorothy Dandridge stands out as one of its brightest shining stars. She was style personified. She had an air of glamour in every outfit. Known for her signature off of the shoulder ensembles, she made everything look glam with the addition of the right accessories, a belt, […]

5 Super Easy DIY Beauty Products That Simply Work

Face Mask

We pay for face masks, hair-straightening, body scrub, and more.  Why not save your well-earned dollars and do it yourself?  It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be surprised at how simple face, skin, eye, and hair remedies actually are.  Gone are the days of paying $15 for a special hair conditioner full of […]

Round the Clock Beaut: 6 Quick & Easy Touch-Up Makeup Tips that Won’t Cost a Leg

Touch Up

Whether you’re out at a club with your friends or just having a long day at the office, you’ll probably have to quickly touch up your makeup at some point during the day or night. You definitely DON’T want to re-do your entire makeup routine, so below are some products that work easily and effectively […]