5 Five-Minute Beauty Tips for $5

Affordable Beauty Products

As a busy budget babe, I’m all for ways to save money and time without cutting any of my beauty habits. Over the years I’ve accumulated seasonal beauty tips for less, which means that I can fit them in on a Sunday afternoon or those few minutes between work and dinner. Here are my favorite five-dollar […]

How to Get an Elegant Updo: Go Glam with It’s Judy Time’s OLAY/BlogHer TV Tutorial


Confession time:  Until recently, I considered a basic ponytail an updo.  A fancy updo.  To me, away from face = all things glam.  Bonus points if my ponytail managed a cute tip flip (think Charlotte in Sex in the City).  Then it truly was an elegant ‘do.  Sigh.  Clearly, my hair‘s been lacking in the glam department.  So I decided to get on track by […]

Five Tips for a Relaxing Bath


Looking for a way to relax without dropping serious coins on a massage? Consider taking a relaxing bath. When done right, your muscles will relax. Your skin will hydrate. Knots will dissipate. Stress will evaporate. And it won’t cost you much. They key is to know how to take a relaxing bath. Here are the […]

How to Use Hot Rollers on Your Hair

It's Judy Time

We all know that a great ‘do (as well as shoes and accessories) completes our look, but I’ll be the first to admit to falling flat when it comes to my hair.   To the rescue?  Hot rollers!  That’s right ladies, break out the hot rollers.   No more  “who’s looking at my hair when I’ve got these heels?” moments or being […]

Beauty Fool No More: Top Beauty Myths Debunked

Beauty Myths

In the spirit of April 1st, we are sharing an interesting infographic about the top beauty myths that may have fooled some of us once or twice (okay, more than twice in my case). From commonplace nuggets like “Find harshest possible lighting to apply foundation” to head-scratchers such as “For every gray hair plucked, two […]

Fresh-Faced for Spring: Beauty Trends and Tips for Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Tips and Trends

On a recent department store shop session, I found myself lingering — not in the expected end-of-winter-sale-section, but at the please-make-me-pretty makeup counter.  This wasn’t for my usual replenishment of mainstay products.  I had come for a proper sit down.  With the warmer weather on the rise, the time was right to update my beauty […]

TBF’s Complete Condensed Guide to Combating Adult Acne

Clear Skin

Many people suffer with acne in their teen years and muddle through, looking forward to the days of adulthood when we no longer have to worry about pimples. WRONG! It can be a shock to realize that acne problems can persist or even begin in adulthood. When looking into ending skin lumps and bumps, the […]

Beauty Icon: Lena Horne

Lena Horne

This post is part of a series as The Budget Fashionista and Mighty Beauty, pay tribute and celebrate Black History Month this February. If we are considering the word Diva by definition as a distinguished female singer, it partially defines Ms Lena Horne. However, she was also much more than that, she was a singer, […]

Beauty Icon: Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

This post is part of a series as The Budget Fashionista and its sister site, Mighty Beauty, pay tribute and celebrate Black History Month this February. The name Billie Holiday is known by people of every age everywhere and even if the specifics are unknown by some, everyone knows that she was important to music. […]