Quick Tips for Wearing Colored Eyeliner

Colored Eyeliners

Still wearing black eyeliner for every event, season and mood?  I was, too, until it felt, well, boring.  To liven up my look, I started wearing colored eyeliner and I’m thrilled to report: I’m in love.  I’m able to brighten up my look without looking like a showgirl or like I just stepped out of the 80s. I admit, switching from black […]

Happy Feet: How to Take Care of Our Feet in the Fall

care for beautiful woman legs

Now that fall is here, that means our sandals are taking a backseat to booties.  So much for showing off our pedis (but yay to cool-looking shoes).   Unfortunately, taking care of our feet in the fall goes by the wayside.  They’re smothered in booties, socks and tights and soon, we’re crinkling our noses:  Sweat.  Odor.  Heels rough enough to file […]

Eye Creams on a Budget

Applying Eye Cream

When I turned 18, one of the best beauty secrets I ever received was that from my grandmother, and consisted of but two words: Eye Cream. Ever since, I’ve been rather obsessed with the stuff (yes, I sometimes slather it all over my face and neck) despite the occasional hefty price tag.

True Confessions: I Wear False Lashes


I bet it wasn’t too long ago you looked in a magazine or  saw a mascara commercial where the model’s eye lashes were all the way to the ceiling and the claim was that “Triple Lash Super Long” Mascara did it. You found the same mascara in the store and applied it on your own […]

How to Plump Lips Naturally

Ways to Naturally Enhance Lips

Ever found yourself staring at Angelina Jolie’s lips? Yeah, uh, me neither. Okay, that’s a lie. Angie has a great set of lips. There, I said it. They really are her trademark, and to be honest, it would be nice to get a fuller lip without surgical enhancements. Wondering if that was even possible, I […]

Best Budget Spray Tanner?

Question: What’s the Best Budget Spray Tanner? Remember that time you got all spray tanned up before an impromptu party, ended up an ugly orange, and had to take a panicked shower with baking soda? Self tanners are an awesome alternative to painful sunburns, peeling (yuck), and scary skin cancer, but they can also be […]

Summerfy Your Skin: 3 Best Skin Exfoliants


Wow. When it finally got warm enough in Chi-town for me to ditch the thick pants, I was left with the reality winter left in its wake. Pasty, crackly skin and don’t even get me started on my feet. Hopefully your Project Exfoliation isn’t as serious as mine, but even if it is, these are […]

5 Five-Minute Beauty Tips for $5

Affordable Beauty Products

As a busy budget babe, I’m all for ways to save money and time without cutting any of my beauty habits. Over the years I’ve accumulated seasonal beauty tips for less, which means that I can fit them in on a Sunday afternoon or those few minutes between work and dinner. Here are my favorite five-dollar […]