Quick Daytime Hairstyles


I confess: when it comes to hair, I don’t wash every day. On the weekend, I’ve been known to pull on a baseball cap and tote hat-hair all day instead of looking for a brush. However, sometimes I make last-minute plans or wake up during the work week and have no choice other than “do […]

DIY Detox: The Cheap Cleanse

Detox Juices

Sometimes all the carb-cutting, low-fat, high-veggie and workout everyday prescriptions just don’t do the trick. These are the moments that the cleanse was made for—but what if you don’t want to spend $10 a juice?

Banish Wrinkles with these Savvy Techniques!


I swear, every year I see a few more fine lines on my face. Bah! Of course, nobody can buy time. So instead of wasting it wishing I were younger, I look for ways to reduce wrinkles without shrinking my bank account. Here is my checklist of techniques for an anti-wrinkle regime that you’ll love, too.

Dry Body Brushing: Yay or Nay?

Dry Brushing

Smooth skin is always in.  But getting more energy and detoxing our system while we’re at it?   I’m all for it.   That’s why when I heard about dry body brushing (a.k.a. dry brush skin detox), I was all over it.   So, what is it and how’s it different from the way we’ve been sloughing off dead skin […]

Try This Free 30-Minute Holiday Workout Routine

Women Workout

Despite being a firm believer that being “too busy” is an excuse, not a fact, there’s nothing like the holiday season to put priorities to the test. Luckily, I also know that no matter how many presents need to be wrapped, outfits matched, and sweet goodies baked and bagged, there will always be 30 minutes […]

How to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

Face Cleanse

Don’t let winter wreak havoc on your appearance!  Face the cold climate with confidence that comes from the right amount of prep. Cue the chunky knits, fair isle scarves and cute cocoon coats for your wardrobe.