Successfully Fight Wrinkles Over the Counter

What: Every drug store is packed full of anti-aging creams you can buy over the counter. But do they work? It seems science has finally given us an answer. In a recent study conducted by Proctor & Gamble, the over-the-counter OLAY Professional Pro-X “system” was compared to the popular prescription medicine, tretinoin. Not only did […]

Estee Lauder Gets Customers Glammed Up Online

What: The makeup giant Estee Lauder is hoping its latest promotion will leave you looking good online. Beginning October 16th, the company is giving away free makeovers and taking glamorous pictures of customers at select Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Saks department stores—which those customers can then use as their profile picture on sites like Facebook and […]

Natural Health Announces Beauty Awards Winners

What: Natural Health magazine has announced the winners of its 5th Annual Beauty Awards, which polled thousands of readers and dermatologists to find 25 of the year’s best beauty products. 2009 Winners Include: Facial Cleanser—Olay Definity Penetrating Mousse Cleanser Eye Cream—Yes to Cucumbers Eye Love Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel Lip Balm—Burt’s Bees Sun Protecting Lip […]

Some Estee Lauder Cosmetics May Get Real Cheap Soon

What: Estee Lauder will be shuttering its Prescriptives beauty line by the time 2010 rolls around. The reason – clearly – is the recession, as Estee Lauder (wisely) has decided to reallocate funds to other more profitable lines. They’ll continue selling Prescriptives products until everything’s all gone, but the favored Calyx fragrance will still be […]

Fragrances are Irritating Sometimes – Literally

What: Apparently, 74% of women will experience an allergic reaction to a fragrance in their lifetime. Since perfumes don’t list out every single little ingredient – so as to not give away secret formulas and whatnot – there’s a lot that can slip under the radar. If you’re afraid of irritation, it’s natural to want […]