Our Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Our Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

If you still get your makeover advice from a counter or salon, you’re basically living under a rock. You’re missing out on some serious tips, tricks and real-girl advice that could pull you from the beauty Stone Age into the 21st century, where products and techniques are tried for you, then reported back with honest […]

The Secret to Applying Concealer

The Secret to Applying Concealer

Credit: People.com There’s a bit of debate among makeup gurus about when to apply concealer. Some say to put it on before you apply foundation, while others say to wait until after. We say the secret to applying concealer is this: both before and after are fair game to ensure a healthy, gorgeous look. Here’s […]

Five Great Natural Hair Products

Worried about keeping your hair nourished? Check. Want to know how to grow your hair long? Check. Want help dealing with your curls or frizz? You guessed it – Check. Look no further than the handy list we’ve compiled below. (make sure to read to the end for an awesome video on how to make […]

Shear Genius: The Five Best Hair Styling Products

Choosing the right hair styling product definitely takes a little trial and error. Sometimes it takes months to get the hang of those hot rollers or just to decide on a favorite brand. You also have to consider your hair type, hair health, and personal style preference. Oh, and did we mention that the weather […]

Say Yes to DIY Wedding Makeup

Style.com It’s no secret that weddings can be extremely expensive. Between the cake, reception hall, and invitations, the cost of the average wedding can grow to be over $20,000. Yet, there’s a new surge in the popularity of D.I.Y. weddings. You can print your own invitations, create your own centerpieces with fresh or faux flowers, […]

What Manicure is Best For Your Nail Health

We’re pretty lucky to be fashionistas in this day and age since there are tons of new products and techniques for us to try with respect to our manicures. Of course, with all the options currently available for your nails, choosing the right one can definitely get a bit overwhelming. How do you know what’s […]

What’s Hot: Red Carpet Beauty Trends

Style.com It’s one of our favorite times of the year: awards season! And, it was in full swing with the Grammys, Emmys, SAG awards, and Oscars all happening within the past few months. You know we couldn’t let too much time pass by before we shared all of our favorite beauty trends that we spotted […]

Your Own Spa Day For Under $50

We all love being pampered, but sometimes, spa treatments can get a bit expensive. (Okay, maybe more than sometimes.) Massages, facials, and manicures are all so relaxing, but combined, they can cause more anxiety than they are worth due to the high cost. So, how can you regularly get those relaxing treatments instead of your […]