10 Amazing Fall Beauty Items Under $10

Fall Beauty Items Under $10

I am just as obsessed will the fall season as the next fashionista, but there’s something about the seasons changing that makes me want to amp up my beauty routine. Whether it’s finding a new nail polish color or taking better care of my skin, the cooler weather has me craving some new products and […]

Fall-errific Manicure: Tiny Harvest Pumpkins

Harvest Manicure

Even though I live in the Sonoran desert, where October and November temperatures still hover in the 80s, 90s and–Lord, have mercy– 100s, I still love the fall season. I lived in the Midwest long enough to remember the crisp autumn air, overcast skies and brilliant foliage that hung over roads like giant fiery canopies. […]

Latte Lips: Cocoa and Spicy Lipstick Shades for Fall

Cosmetic Candy

This post is from our new sister site Mighty Beauty. Shades of brown are all the rage this fall season—even when it comes to makeup. Hues of brown lipstick look stunning on women of color, and these shades are especially lovely in cooler weather. Here are a few varieties of brown lipstick that come alive […]

Don’t Cry Over Broken Nails: Fix Them With This Tutorial

Quick Fixes for Broken Nails

A few weeks ago, I was in the kitchen mashing garlic potatoes for a tasty dinner when–all of a sudden–I experienced the traumatic event that is breaking a nail. Based on my reaction and mad dash to the bathroom, my husband thought I’d seriously injured myself. My body was fine. My nail was not.

Nail Art DIY: Glorious Gradient Manicure

Glorious Gradient Manicure

Sometimes I’ll do manicures that are so complicated they literally take me the better part of the day to complete. Take my “famous paintings manicure,” for example, which depicts Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and a landscape piece by Monet. These fancy, high-tech manicures do elicit some responses and a few “wows!” […]

How to Do Your Own DIY Foot Spa

How to Do Your Own DIY Foot Spa

I’m a major proponent of purchased pedicures. I love walking into a salon and having some other person work his or her magic on my little tootsies. All that scrubbing and buffing and painting–and don’t forget the massage finale–puts a lady in a fine mood. Honestly, I have absolutely zero problem spending $25 or $30 […]