13 Great Beauty Pinterest Boards to Follow

Beauty Pinterest Boards to Follow

As you know, I am obsessed with all things beauty-related, and Pinterest hasn’t done much to break this habit. And why should it? The ideas for hairstyles, makeup, fashion and nail designs that you can find on Pinterest are truly limitless. Just to give you a sample, I’ve selected 13 of my favorite beauty boards to share with you […]

Fill Your Weekly Exfoliation Quota With This Simple DIY Face Scrub

DIY Face Scrub

FYI: You should exfoliate your skin at least once a week, though most skin experts recommend twice weekly. Not only does a good exfoliating job make your skin feel and look brighter, it actually improves the functionality of your dermis. In layman’s terms: It makes your skin do its job better.

Cute Meets Spooky: Easy Halloween Manicure

Halloween Manicure

Halloween–only the best holiday of the year–is quickly encroaching. I’m sure you’ve already considered your Halloween outfit, but what about Halloween-inspired fingernails? Sure, a solid orange or black is always apropros, but what if I told you could easily take your holiday-themed nails one step further? Well, with the help of me and The Budget […]

Color Me Polished: How to Wear Multi-Colored Manicures this Fall

Multicolor Fall Manicure

This post is from our new sister site Mighty Beauty. Rich burgundy, steel gray and hunter green are just some of the beautiful tones you can pick from this fall season when you make your next manicure appointment (or set up your very own at-home “salon”). Neons are also suitable for fall, especially if your […]

Fall-errific Manicure: Tiny Harvest Pumpkins

Harvest Manicure

Even though I live in the Sonoran desert, where October and November temperatures still hover in the 80s, 90s and–Lord, have mercy– 100s, I still love the fall season. I lived in the Midwest long enough to remember the crisp autumn air, overcast skies and brilliant foliage that hung over roads like giant fiery canopies. […]