5 Essentials to Pack in Your Carry-on

Carry-on Luggage

On a recent trip to Ireland, my flight had what was supposed to be a two-hour layover in Frankfort, Germany. Just enough time for bier! And giant pretzels! And spaetzel! before hopping the plan and heading to the land of emerald pastures and thick, dark Guinness.

How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

cocktail party

Dressing for a cocktail party can be a bit of a challenge. Back in the day, there were clear rules- ladies wore knee length skirts with gloves- however as society has become more causal, so has the cocktail party. Regardless, there’s still a few basic rules that will help you not only look your best, […]

Five Fall Tips for Traveling for Less

Travel Tips for Fall

Remember back in college, when Thursday became the new Friday? Well, traveling in the fall has become the new summer vacation. The best part is, technically, since fall is considered “off-season,” there’s a bookshelf of ways to play and create your own adventure for a price less than you’d ever imagine.