Maternal Instincts: Maternity Style on a Budget

Maternity Dress Courtney Lochner

Nothing changes your perspective on fashion faster than a bun in the oven. I should know; I had a baby four weeks ago and so those nine months are fresh in my mind! For the first time in my life, window-shopping wasn’t what it once was. I felt like a diabetic in a candy store–everything was a […]

How To Indulge In Retail Therapy Without Actually Indulging At All

Shopping tips

Growing up, I had a best friend whose mother wore an apron that read “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”. Her joie de vivre, scrolled sweetly across her chest in hot pink script, gracefully carried her around the kitchen from fridge to stove to table. Thinking back to my bestie’s mom and […]

A Day in the Life: A David’s Bridal Wedding Consultant

David's Bridal

When we found out our own Michelle Y. was getting hitched (woo-hoo!), the topic around here was the dress, the dress, the dress. All this talk got me thinking: What’s a day in the life of a sales associate at a wedding gown store like? We already know the bride-to-be is filled with tons of […]

Five Fall Tips for Traveling for Less

Travel Tips for Fall

Remember back in college, when Thursday became the new Friday? Well, traveling in the fall has become the new summer vacation. The best part is, technically, since fall is considered “off-season,” there’s a bookshelf of ways to play and create your own adventure for a price less than you’d ever imagine.