You Ask, We Answer: Best Formal Short Hairstyles

Naomi Watts

From Reader Lauren O: Do you have any ideas for formal short hairstyles? I read (& loved) your How-To Dress for a Formal Event, but you didn’t say anything about how to do short hair. I have a chin-length bob, parted on the right side, which I usually straighten with a flat iron. I bought […]

6 Ways to Dress Cute this Winter

Dress Cute for Winter

Winter attire is not an easy circumstance for a gal who loves shorts and lives in sandals. Layering takes a lot of thought and attention, and when left to my own devices, ends up being an odd mix of mismatched sweaters and sweatshirts. But winter is too long to spend it marshmallow-shaped and bundled to […]

How Spending Money is a Lot Like Dating

Woman Paying with Card

When I think about it, knowing when to spend money on something is similar to dating advice.  I mean, there’s love at first sight (I must have this now), heartbreak (I seriously thought that hat was the ONE?), regret (remind me again why I spent all that time and money?) and of course, euphoria (I […]

How to: Successfully Re-Gift

How to Successfully Re-gift

There’s no word like “re-gift” to make people cringe on the outside and nod on the inside.  However, I’m a firm believer that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – and if we really didn’t believe that clothes, shoes, and anything gift-able wasn’t intended to have more than one life, then we wouldn’t have […] is a Brilliantly Simple Site for Buying & Selling Your Kids’ Outgrown Clothing

Spruceling Site Review

What: Whether you call it second-hand or a hand-me-down, this is the last time that you’ll even begin to consider calling your kids’ outgrown clothes a waste.  Thanks to Spruceling, you can now buy and sell “gently used” kids clothes online nationwide.

5 Ways to Stay Classy at Your Holiday Work Party

Holiday Cocktail Party

There’s one party every year where business is guaranteed to mix with pleasure: Your holiday work party. As fun as it is to finally let your hair down with your fellow co-workers, the savvy Budget Fashionista remembers that staying classy is just as important as dressing for the job. Keep these five tips in mind […]

Site Review:

Shopping Notes

In a world where we seemingly compete to see who can pack the most into each day, any gadget, gizmo, or service that can save us a few extra minutes—not to mention a few extra dollars—is a godsend. And wants to add its name to Mount Olympus. Instead of having you obsessively check your favorite […]